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Infant Sleeping in Parents' Bed

Quick question for moms out there who slept with their newborn/infant. What worked for you in terms of keeping baby safe while sleeping in your bed? Did you use an infant positioner? Did baby just lay next to you on top of your covers? I'm hoping for some advice on this. Also, how did you keep your baby warm/cool enough when sleeping with you? Thanks!


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How to Introduce a Bottle to a Breastfeeding Baby?

Hi mommies. I'm really hoping you can help me out. We're completely out of ideas, and have no clue what we're doing wrong. My baby is 5.5 months old now and absolutely refuses to take any kind of bottle. He was born a month early and successfully breastfed and took a bottle for about the first month. Then, because it was so much easier for us, I began only breastfeeding him. Every once in a while we try to introduce a bottle with either breastmilk or formula, and he absolutely freaks out. He gets so upset and starts really crying with big...


Washing Machine Help

I am so fed up! It seems that all of my dark shirts have spots on them, I am...