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Infant Who Insists on Sleeping on Her Belly

I have a 6 month old beautiful girl who recently began turning over in her bassinet. I wake up in the middle of the night for feeding or to check on her and she is face down asleep. I am worried because I have heard so many horror stories of crib death, suffication, etc. I have tried putting the body guards but she still manages to turn around. Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences like this. Should I be worried.

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What Crib Mobile to Buy/are They Worth It?

I got my crib bedding on clearance and can not get the matching mobile. I've read a lot of bad reviews of several mobiles and wondered if anyone had one they really recommend?

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Soap/Shampoo Recommendations for Infant W/ Eczema

My 4 month old daughter is dealing with eczema. It seems to be brought on by the colder weather and changes in humidity. (We've been using a humidifier in her room to help.) I have used dreft detergent since she was born without any problems, however, I am thinking of switching to ALL free and clear to see if that helps. I lather her up with Aquaphor multiple times a day and that does seem to give her the most relief. I also use an Aveeno lotion once in a while. I use cortizone on the big flare ups as needed, but it's worse around her...


Cleaning Baby Toys

Hi Mamas! What do you use to clean off your babies toys, carseat etc.? ...

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Dealing with Dog and Baby

I am having a very very difficult time with my husband's dog. We've been together for 7 years, and the dog was never really a problem until I had a baby. I should say I put up with him. My daughter is now 16 months old and every day with the dog is a battle. It is driving me insane. My husband loves his dog and we argue every time I bring it up because he is so sensitive about the topic. I am having fantasies about moving out because of the dog. He barks really loudly alot of the time, is constantly scratching at the door to be let...

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Ideas for Baby Boy Decor

I was thinking about what im going to have for my baby boy decor and matching blankets, sheets ect. I have a few ideas little suzys zoo, classic pooh or precious moments.I cant stand jungle,farm or anything to do with animals really but if anyone has ideas please Tell me


Giving a Baby Shower

Ladies I need some help. I am throughing my first ever baby shower for a...

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Decorating 2-Year-old's Bedroom!

Okay, I have NO idea how to do this. I want to decorate my daughter's bedroom but I don't know what pictures to hang or anything. She's not a 'princess' type, preferring Elmo and Mickey Mouse. All the girls' decorations seem to be the princess canopy stuff, which I love, but that's just not her. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, and I'm poor so any cheap suggestions are welcomed.