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Need Suggestions on Buying a New Bed

A.V. asks from Duluth

I am looking for suggestions on a new bed to buy. We would like a king size bed and I have no idea what to get. Is there one that you love and recommend or one that y...


Do You Workout at Home?

L.G. asks from Los Angeles

I have a gym membership but am considering buying equipment to workout at home & drop my membership. I'm considering buying medicine ball, resistance straps, bosu bal...


Sleep Number Bed or Other Comfy Mattress

K.F. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are thinking of buying a new mattress and I'm so afraid we'll spend a lot of money just to get one home and not like it. It's so hard for me to trul...


Why Do You Love/hate Your Mattress? Anyone Have a Saatva?

P.1. asks from San Francisco

I hate our mattress. I have for years! We have a Sleep Number (plain jane one) that we have had for about 12 years (however, the bladders are only 6 years old since...


In Need of a Great Realtor

A.M. asks from Denver

Hi moms, My husband and I are putting our house on the market in Aurora, CO and need a GREAT realtor to sell our home in this market! Any referrals would be much ...


Looking for to Buy Mattress That Alleviates Back Pain

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, We are buying a new mattress and bedroom furniture. We have a decent queen size mattress, but we will be buying a king mattress. (We do need to buy the...


Crib Vs. Bassinet

M.R. asks from Provo

We are buying items for our first child who is on the way soon :). I am looking at all the things to buy, and was wondering about a crib vs . bassinet. I know bassin...


Waking up Sore on Newer Mattress.

S.L. asks from Madison

Hello, Recently my husband and I had some overnight company and we slept on an airbed while the guests had the bed. We realized, that for the first time in months, w...


Where and What Did You Buy?

C.S. asks from Chicago

My hubby and I have decided to move our daughter from a toddler bed to a full sized regular bed however we are not sure what kind of mattress and box spring she needs...


Seeking Feedback on Select Comfort, Tempurpedic Beds & Traditional Beds

J.N. asks from Dallas

After 18 years, hubby and I are desperately in need of a new King bed. We wake up more exhausted and achy then when we go to sleep. We've checked out both Select Comf...