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Updated on January 01, 2012
C.S. asks from Crystal Lake, IL
7 answers

My hubby and I have decided to move our daughter from a toddler bed to a full sized regular bed however we are not sure what kind of mattress and box spring she needs. We want something durable and comfortable for a growing child. Where did you purchase your child's first mattress and what kind did you buy? Any suggestions for a purchase and delivery in the northwestern Chicago suburbs? Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

We bought our daughter's bed frame from a place called Beds Beds Beds! in Downers Grove. It is/was a chain, but they may be out of business now. But most of these bed stores have loft systems. The bed frame we bought is the bottom part of a loft system because it is super low to the ground. Even if she falls out of the bed, she doesn't have far to go. We only paid $99 for it. You can always buy the top part of a loft system later if you need the kids to bunk too.

The mattress we got her is a memory foam mattress. I LOVE this mattress. It is so comfortable. We ordered it online through Costco and it was delivered with the mail in a box that looked way too small to hold a twin sized mattress. Another nice thing about a memory foam mattress is the fact that it is not bouncy. The kids don't try to jump on the bed because it is no fun.

Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The most comfortable mattress in our house is from Original Mattress Factory. Do you have O. of those nearby?

Don't make the mistake we did--buying a O.-sided mattress for our son's first set--SO not worth it. He's 8 and it will be replaced this year. AND I have a foam topper on it PLUS a super cushy mattress pad.

My advice for the mattress: get something decent. OMF has great products!



answers from Dayton on

The only advice I have is to buy a flippable one instead of the one sided ones - it'll last 2x as long.


answers from Washington DC on

I wouldn't move my toddler to a full sized bed - i would move her to a twin bed first...that's me.

Mattress Discounters...there are many - do a google search for companies in your area. Sears even sells mattresses!!

We bought Greg's mattress at Costco and brought it home ourselves. It was a Simmons.



answers from Chicago on

We are going through the same thing with our son.We went to a bunch of different places but found the best deal at Sears.They have free delivery and no interest for a year going on right now through the 1/7/12..I believe.We went with a full size bed and box spring by Serta.Our set was $580,but they had some other nice ones for less.We went with a cushion firm so it was a little more.We are hoping it will last a while.The mattress also has a 10 yr.warranty which is nice.Happy shopping!



answers from Lexington on

We got an all wood full bed from pottery barn teen and a foam mattress (not tempurpedic but similar style) for our (then) 3 1/2 year old. The bed should see him though high school!



answers from Charlotte on

We had an old twin sized bed and put our first son in it. Then I got pregnant and when I sat on the bed beside him, I slid off of it because it wasn't firm enough anymore! LOL!

So, we went out and bought a twin to take its place, a regular garden variety mattress that wasn't soft, but not too terribly hard.

Don't know where to tell you to go, but if you happen to have a minivan, it will actually fit in it and you won't have to pay delivery fees.


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