Looking for to Buy Mattress That Alleviates Back Pain

Updated on July 13, 2008
J.P. asks from Skokie, IL
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Hi Ladies,

We are buying a new mattress and bedroom furniture. We have a decent queen size mattress, but we will be buying a king mattress. (We do need to buy the furniture, too.)
Anyway... my husband mentions that he has back pains and I'm wondering if a certain mattress will help any.
Do the really expensive ones make a significant difference to purchase one? Also... what about the mattress that is advertised a lot on tv... the Sleep Number?
Please share your opinions with me regarding comfort and price of mattresses.
Thank you so much.


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answers from Decatur on

We have a temperpedic mattres and love it. I am currently preg. in my 3rd trimester and have not had to many aches. The one problem we have had was when our power was out for 5 days 2 years ago after an ice storm and we had no heat. When the mattres is very, very cold (I think the house was probably around 50 degrees) the mattress is hard/not pliable. however, after laying in bed for a few minutes it was fine, and most people would have ditched the freezing house way before we did. Our mattress came with a 10 year full replacement warranty.

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answers from Chicago on

Select Comfort - Sleep Number bed is the greatest bed ever made. It may cost a little more but you will have the greatest nights sleep every night. Since the firmness and the softness is regulated by each person you can choose softer well your husband can choose firmer. You can even try out the sleep number for a month free of charge and return it if you don't like it. There is a Select Comfort store in Lake in the Hills/ Algonquin area.
I have back problems and it is the only mattress that has worked for me. I LOVE IT !!!
I have never tried the foam mattress but I did my homework on durability. Studies have shown the the foam mattresses will compact after a few years of use. On top of that the only part the is truly the temperpedic foam is the top layer. The other layers are of different kinds of foam.

If you have any other questions about a Select Comfort - Sleep Number be e-mail me ____@____.com and will be glad to answer them if I can.


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answers from Chicago on

My husband had terrible back pain for about a year and a half. We bought a select comfort mattress and I woill never own anything else. Since we have had this thing he has had NO BACK PAIN!!! This bed is worth every penny. It was a God send when I was pregnant too. Good luck in your bed hunt!

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answers from Chicago on

Even better than a Tempurpedic, because they last longer, is a latex foam mattress. They are expensive, but are much better. As they say about Memory Foam - it loses its memory after a couple of years.

We needed a new mattress and did much research and checking. The solid block latex foam lasts longer and relieves pressure better than anything else. Yes, they are pricey, but they are well worth it.

Some stores put a layer of latex in, and then all kinds of other things. You want the SOLID latex - where it is done as a solid block, not stacked pieces and layers.

If you are in the SE Wisconsin Area, Milwaukee Mattress has a store downtown right off the Plankinton exit off I-43 NB (before the Marquette Interchange) They also sell them at Ken Michaels Furniture.

You can buy another brand, but if you'd like to see how they are constructed, you can go to http://www.kenmichaelsfurniture.com/
Go to the mattresses tab and click on the latex rubber and the pressure relief links and read about them.

The name brand mattress companies are starting to make these, too, so you should be able to find them in a Sealy, Serta, etc.

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answers from Chicago on

My husband had back surgery so a good mattress was extremely important. We bought a Simmons at Harlem Furniture. It ended up being the worst. We found out that if you have back problems, you should NOT buy a memory foam topped mattress. Ours actually ended up being defective. We exchanged it for a regular Simmons and he has no problems with it--and it was cheaper! And I think it is very comfortable. I have heard great things about the sleep number though no experience myself. I would ask at the stores what the return policy is. Some places let you try the matress for a week or so and can exchange if it bothers you.

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answers from Chicago on

I have a TempurePedic mattress that I love. It's amazing, you can really jump on it and not spill a drink on the bed (yes I tried it). I have friends who have the sleep number that say it is great too. I think that there is a company that has a "sleep number" style bed that has a tempurepedic top. The best of both worlds.

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answers from Chicago on

I'm in the market to buy a mattress too. 12 years ago and for the same reason as your husband, we bought a Stearns & Foster. My husband complained every day with our old one and the Stearns & Foster was wonderful, but now, we're back in the market. My sister-in-law has a Temper-Pedic mattress (last post suggested it) and loves hers too. So many places are having sales this week-end too. Good luck.

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