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Get over It??

A.E. asks from San Antonio

I'm considering renting a breast pump instead of buying one. However, I have to admit I'm not completely comfortable with the idea of using a pump that has been used ...


Breast Pumps

A.H. asks from Salinas

I plan on breastfeeding if my baby will of course but I know I'll have to go back to work while I'm still breastfeeding. Any recommendations on good breast pumps and...


Safe Baby Bottles?

K.B. asks from Boston

I'm having my first baby in May and am planning on breastfeeding, but still would like to have some bottles in the house. Recently I have been hearing a lot about BP...


Which Formula Is Best?

H.R. asks from Dallas

I am considering weening my child but don't know which formula is best. We typical eat all natural foods at our house. If it could be purchased in bulk at Sam's to ...


Best Breast Pump

D.P. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies! I am looking for a good breast pump and need some good recommendations I have used the Avent manual breast pump in the past and loved it. However I g...


Good Breast Pump

T.T. asks from Peoria

I am due to have my second child in early November and am looking for an afordable breast pump. I have looked into alot of the name brands but alot of them do not ha...


Breastfeeding Help!

S.G. asks from Colorado Springs

I have been breastfeeding my new son for a month now. He is an eager eater and latches on well. However, both my nipples have been cracked since he began nursing. I a...


What Breast Pump Is the Best?

J.B. asks from Las Vegas

Hi! I am looking for advice on what breast pump works the best. I am pregnant with my 2nd child and want a good quality pump. I had the manual Advent Isis hand pump a...


Which Brest Pump Is the best...manual or Lectric?

M. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Mom's! My little one is due in September and I am clueless as to which brand is better when it comes to manual/electric breast pumps....anyone?


Whisper Wear Breast Pump

E.K. asks from Chicago

I'm interested in the Whisper Wear Breast Pump but don't know anyone personally who has used it. I'm a teacher, planning to pump at school when I return to work, and...