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Buying a House!

A.A. asks from Lubbock

My fiance and I really want to get our own house. I applied for a loan a few months ago, and we were denied because neither of us have established credit. Since then,...


Do You Shop at Target? (Vent)

C.V. asks from Los Angeles

I love Target and i've been shopping there for a long time, but lately something they've been doing with their prices is irritating the heck out of me. Ok when i shop...


What Do You Think of the New Target

L.M. asks from New York

The Target in our area has been annoucing fresh foods coming soon for about 3 months and they slowly been moving things arround. I only been there a few times in the...


Screen House?

J.G. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have a screen house on their deck? With my in-laws visiting this summer, I was thinking of buying a screen house for our deck. My husband can't sit outsid...


House Hunting?

T.L. asks from St. Louis

We are not house hunting, but my brother and his wife are. This will be their first home as they rent an apt now. They have one little girl and one on the way. Wha...


Buying Dishes

A.B. asks from Killeen

My dishes are all mis-matched and chipped etc. I have 4 young children and a busy house. I want to buy nice quality dishes that are DURABLE. I don't want to waste ...


My House Is a Mess!

L.S. asks from Omaha

I need help! I work about 45 hours a week and my husband works about 50, sometimes more, a week. We have a 10 1/2 month old daughter who attends day care full time....


Who's the "Planner" in Your House?

M.L. asks from Chicago

As a mom and wife I feel the weight of our schedule all of the time. If one of the kids has a dr/dentist followup-I schedule it and ensure they get there; child invi...


Buying for Twins Is exspensive....any Great Wedsites?

P.K. asks from Saginaw

I am having twins in July and we are looking at buying a double stroller and car seats that can click into them. I have looked at all the common brand wedsites (grac...


Just for fun-What Are You Buying Your Toddlers for Christmas/Hanukkah?

S.S. asks from San Antonio

This will be my son's second Christmas and his 2nd birthday is Jan 1, so we've got back to back gift giving. What is everyone buying this year for toddlers? Are you...