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Diaper 'Blow-outs' with Huggies

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

I recently switched my 5 month old daughter from Papmpers to Huggies since I've been getting alot of coupons and store deals to purchase them with and I haven't been ...


Huggies "Jeans" Diapers

H.W. asks from Portland

Just got back from the store and this is By Far the Dumbest Thing Ever. Disposable diapers meant/printed to look like jeans? Are you kidding me?! Wait until they ...



A.N. asks from Grand Junction

has anyone else seen them? have you used them? tell the all about them.if they work do they save you money? i have two in diapers one that must use pampers and the ot...


Costco Worth It?

M.G. asks from Chicago

What is really worth buying at Costco? We'd be interested in products for babies and kids, as well as food. I don't have time to stand there with a calculator. I can...


Where do I find bargain diapers that actually hold up?

L.D. asks from Las Vegas

i'm wondering if anyone has found any "bargain" diapers that actually hold up. i recently bought target brand diapers and i highly recommend you DO NOT buy those. j...


Store Brand Diapers?

G.J. asks from Orlando

My daughter has always worn Huggies diapers but as we all know, they can be pricy. I buy ours at Sam's Club and they come out to .19 per diaper. Do you use store b...


Generic Diapers

A.M. asks from Tampa

I was wondering if anyone had any luck using generic diapers? We use huggies and love them but I have heard that a lot of mother's use Publix brand and Target brand ...


Parents Choice Formula and Diapers.

A.C. asks from Springfield

Just curious how many of you actually buy and use Parents Choice Formula and Diapers. Currently we are using Symalac for forumula and Huggies for diapers. My husban...


Diaper Preference for Boys?

K.A. asks from Pittsburgh

I was wondering if anyone has tried multiple brands of diapers and prefers a particular one for boys. Some people have been telling me that Pampers are great for girl...


Which Disposable Diaper Smell or Don't Smell?

K.A. asks from San Diego

I have no idea what to title this..but here is my question. I am getting tired of blowouts using Huggies Supremes. I was thinking of changing to another diaper to see...