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Updated on October 20, 2008
S.A. asks from Gibsonburg, OH
7 answers

I'm looking at buying my girls a dollhouse for Christmas. They are 3 & 2. Just wondering what dollhouses are the most popular for that age group. I have looked online at the Mrs. Goodbee house. Anyone have this? Would you recommend it?

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answers from Columbus on

I bought the playmobil dollhouse for my girls at that age and found that it was tooo intricate for them. I wish I had waited until they were 5 and 6 - by then, the dollhouse was "old news," but they would have loved it if I had waited. I like the TALL fisher price one for little girls. Lots of room to play!



answers from Cincinnati on

Hi S..

Not sure where you live but wanted to let you know that there is a wonderful dollhouse store in Lebanon, oh. I've not personally been inside but the dollhouses they have in the display window are beautiful.

Have fun with this. I'll be in your shoes in a few years!



answers from Cincinnati on

Costco had some nice ones last year.



answers from Youngstown on

I bought the Fischer Price twin time doll house last year for my daughter. She was just turning 3 then, and now she is almost 4. She loved the dollhouse and has played with it almost everyday for a year! She has never been bored with it. Even my other 2 daughters, ages 7 and 12, play with it! The dollhouse is reasonably priced ( I think I got mine at Wal-Mart for around $50) and each set to go inside is about $10, depending on which one.



answers from Lima on

For this age yet, I would suggest the Fisher Price Little People dollhouses. There a few different series. Just go online at Fisher Price and type in dollhouses and you will see a lot.
The pieces are tough and sturdy, they won't break easily and can be chewed on and won't hurt.
They also clean up easily.



answers from Youngstown on

My 3 year old daughter loves her Fisher Price dollhouse. It was a Christmas gift last year when she was two and it still gets played with quite a bit. The dolls and animals are sturdy and can be chewed on (which my 11 month son does). We also have a van, an airplane and Noah's ark. It is wonderful stuff.



answers from Dayton on

My 3 yr old got the FP My First Doll House for Christmas last year and loves it. It is sturdy and the people and furniture are easy for chubby little hands to hold.

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