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Diaper Genie or NO Diaper Genie?

M.3. asks from St. Louis

Hello! This is kind of funny that Im on my 3rd child and wondering about a diaper genie. With my 1st baby our house was really small, so it was easy just to throw t...


Advice on Diaper Genie

A. asks from Chicago

I am in the market for a good container to hold my son's dirty diapers (before they make it to the big trash bin). I have been using a step-on can, but William is 8...


Alternatives to Diaper Genie

S.R. asks from Charlotte

I have a 10 month old son. We have been using the Diaper Genie since he was born and now really cannot stand the smell! It wasn't bad for a long while, but recently...


Diaper Genie Is STINKY!

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hiya, mamas! My Diaper Genie is soooo stinky & since the baby shares our room...ewwww! I've tried: white vinegar, bleach, comet cleanser, and Gold Bond Powder (NOT AL...


Diaper Champ, Diaper Genie - the List Goes On!

S.J. asks from St. Louis

What diaper pail do you use and love? I hated the diaper genie when I used it. It didn't do anything to mask the odors and we ended up just using the regular garbag...


Diaper Genie or Diaper Decor?

N.K. asks from Dallas

My next baby is due in March and I am looking to get a new diaper pail. I had the Diaper Champ before and it did not contain the smell well when my daughter started ...


Diaper Pail

P.L. asks from Washington DC

DS's diapers way too smelly! Are the diaper genie's worth it? Or what do you recommend? Thanks P


"Genie" Smells

E.J. asks from Houston

Please help. We have tried everything. In my grandson's room, we have a diaper genie and even though I have tried nearly everything I can think of, the smell coming...


Opinion on Diaper Pails

E.N. asks from Toledo

I'm looking to see what people thought of there diaper pails. We had the diaper genie for our son. I didn't think it really worked. His room seemed to always smell...


Opinions About Products I Got at My Shower

E.P. asks from Jacksonville

I didn't have a 'shower' per se for my daughter... LONG story. Anyway, I just had the one that work threw for me... wanted to get people's opinions on some of the ...