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Gerber Baby Food Plastic Containers

M.T. asks from Portland

With all the news coverage about concerns over plastics I've started checking the recycling codes on all the stuff our son uses. I noticed over the weekend that Gerb...


Advice on Training Pants: Gerber, Kushies, Bummi, or Imse Vimse?

A.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Everybody! I have a question about training pants. My 22 month old daughter just started using the potty last week. She will tell me "Pants, Mommy" and try to...


Saving for Your Toddler's College Fund! 529, Gerber Life, Etc???

J.A. asks from St. Louis

Any suggestions on what you and your family are doing? While my parent's paid for about 60% of my college career, they hardly saved at all and left both myself an...


Gerber Life Insurance

T.J. asks from Seattle

My stepmom has offered to pay for life insurance for my two daughters. When she sent me the paperwork to sign she listed herself as the beneficiary! Is that weird tha...


How Does It Look in Your House?

A.F. asks from Dallas

I feel like I don't even know the "normal" eating habits for 2 and 3 year olds...Please share anything and everything about your child's typical routine on a normal d...


Juice for 1 Year Old

P.V. asks from Los Angeles

I would like to know what juice brands (lower sugar, organic etc.) are best for babies. I have been buying Gerber juice but am open to other suggestions.


Do Your Children Have Life Insurance?

S.H. asks from Green Bay

We have seen so many of those Gerber Insurance Policies, and also have several friends who have policies on their children. Do your kids have Life Insurance Policies?


1 Year Old - Yogurt Type?

J.F. asks from Columbus

My little girl loves yogurt and now that we are on people food, I want to switch her to regular yogurt vs Gerber or YoBaby. I normally purchase light and fit for myse...


Potty Training and My Carpet

D.C. asks from Philadelphia

Moms... Can you offer me any advice or tricks to maintain a pee-less and/or poop-less carpet as much as possible while potty training? Does those plastic underwear (G...


Cloth Diapers Leaking Every Hour!

B.H. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I'm brand new to using cloth diapers. My son is 9 months, 19.5 lbs. I'm using Gerber birdseye prefolds fastened with Snappi and Bummis Super whisper Wrap covers. ...