Buying House W/ Challenged Credit W/ Tax Incentive

Updated on October 26, 2010
M.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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We are interested in buying a house this year, in part to take advantage of the tax incentive, but also because its time, we need to expand, but our credit isnt the greatest. Does anybody out there have any suggestions- or has faced the same problems? Can even recommend a realtor in the Dallas/Plano area? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Hey All!

Your advice was worth millions and after careful thought, we'll probably be saving money for a nice down payment and trying to repair our credit (with Omega) before purchasing a home. It really sucks but I think thats where we're headed. We will get there though by the Grace of God! Thanks again all and God Bless!

` Chel

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i used to work for a mortgage broker. you can apply at and if your score is not good enough he can refer you to omega credit repair. I have been working with them for 2 months and my score is now where it needs to be. so its just a matter of saving some more money for the down payment and i am a homeowner..



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My husband is a really good source to ask any questions you may have about improving your credit. He used to own a non-profit Hud approved credit counseling agency and helped so many with their loan modifications, home buying, and credit problems. Currently he is a licensed mortgage broker as well as a credit repair agent for a company called Financial Education Services. You can simply call him or email him if you like about any questions you may have. He's really knowledgeable and super helpful and kind. He loves to help people :)

Here is his contact information:
[email protected]

His name is AJ

Best of luck to you!



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M., I'd call my favorite Realtor, Bettina Sastoque. I know she was mentioning working with several people in your situation. She would know exactly how to go about the loan taken care of. She can also just help answer any questions you have, and is just a great great person. I love Realtors who are just passionate about what they do, and work hard for people. She definitely does. Her phone # is ###-###-#### and e-mail is [email protected]



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We just bought our first house over the summer and we have high fair to low good credit scores. Many lenders now require you to pay the 3.5% down payment, provide the last 2 months of bank statements, last couple months worth of paycheck stubs, letters from your utility companies saying there have been no late payments on your accounts, and written statements providing explanations for anything negative on your credit report or bank statements. I hope that helps! You can also amend your tax return from last year and get your tax credit early. We did that in August and just received it this week! :-)

Our Realtor was awesome. He's very experienced and not high pressure. He was great with negotiating closing costs (the seller covered closing!), repairs on the home we purchased, and a home warranty. We will use him in the future! His name is Chuck Briant # ###-###-####

Good luck and happy house hunting!



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My husband and I are right there with you....but i can tell you, GOOD LUCK!!! there will be people who tell you they can help you, they've done the same thing to us, but in all actuality, if you have bad credit, make sure you have a good $5,000 to put down on a house or there's nothing anyone will do to work with you, or even bother to give you their time. It sucks. We're so frustrated over no one giving us a shot but it's just the way it is right now unfortunately. If you find someone that can actually help you....let me know!! hehe. Hope this helps.

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