Do You Workout at Home?

Updated on June 11, 2013
L.G. asks from Pasadena, CA
14 answers

I have a gym membership but am considering buying equipment to workout at home & drop my membership. I'm considering buying medicine ball, resistance straps, bosu ball, etc. I already have a couple DVDs and a stability ball.

1) If you workout at home, what equipment do you use?
2) Which (home or gym) do you prefer and why?
3) Any online exercise resources that you'd recommend?

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answers from New London on

I mix it up !

I go to the gym when a friend goes with me. We lift weights and do the leg machines...for an hr and a half once a week...whenever she can go.

I walk outside whenever possible. I am not a fan of walking on a tread mill. I love the fresh air.

I have a kettle ball ---which I love ! I have 5 pound weights that I use just about every other day.

A few minutes ago, I did 10 minutes of yoga, leg lifts and 75 crunches.

I love my old aerobic tapes with grapevine moves and Charlene Pricketts step tapes ! Sometimes, I bust out my Richard Simmons aerobics tapes and dance (and sweat) for 45 minutes ! I am not a fan of Zumba. Sometimes, I go on You Tube and search whatever I feel like doing that day.

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answers from Modesto on

I have a stability ball, 5lb dumbbells and a treadmill. Much cheaper than the gym.

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answers from Miami on

1. Treadmill, exercise ball and light hand weights.
2. I prefer home because with two young children and only about 45 minutes to myself each day, I would rather spend that full time working out, rather than 20 of it "traveling".
3. We have good "on demand" fitness programs through our cable company that are free!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I do SOME workout stuff at home. I've had a gym membership for some ten years, and now it costs so little each year that it would be silly not to continue it. I get up there a lot and use their equipment, because there isn't room for all those machines at home. I get bored easily, so I use the variety of things at the gym - the machines and the free classes.

Outside the gym, I walk in the neighborhood, working on speed and endurance. My equipment is a heart monitor and a watch. I would ride a bike if I were brave enough, but I tend to picture myself going over the handlebars at a stop sign, so that doesn't happen. I do like the walking DVDs at home, and I'm learning how to hoop!

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answers from San Francisco on

When my kids were little I had a variety of exercise videos, aerobics, kickboxing, toning, stretching, etc. They were mostly 20 to 30 minutes long, focusing on either cardio or specific target areas. The only equipment I ever used was a set of hand weights, 5 lbs and 8 lbs.
I didn't make it to the gym much back then because it was such a hassle to pack everybody up and get in the in the car (plus they didn't really like the child care at the gym anyway and neither did I.) It was easier to get in a quick work out while they played around me.
I also walked with a girlfriend on the weekend, and sometimes did a class like jazzercise a few nights a week just to break things up. Leaving the kids at home with daddy while I got some uninterrupted work out time was a nice treat for them and me :-)

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answers from Houston on

You wont work as hard at home.

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answers from Houston on

I run so I need my treadmill. Its sort of an anti-motivator for me. I hate running indoors. Whenever I feel the need to run and burn calories, one look at my treadmill makes me want to run outside. I also have a bosu ball which I love to stand on and do yoga moves while watching TV.

I do weightlifting so I need to go to the gym because there is no way I can have all those weights and machines at my house. Plus I don't have to maintain them like cleaning them or oiling them - gym staff does that on a regular basis. I have 2 close by me which I have a membership to, which I go to depending on which friend is meeting me there and what hour of the day because they both have different childcare hours in the summer. I do like going for weighlifting - you can pick up some really good tips from all the juiceheads and meatheads pumping iron.

I love, muscle & (for men and women) and They all offer awesome workoutplans, meal plans, and the latest and greatest moves, resources and supplies for any type of workout.

Good luck and hope you have fun working out with your new things!

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answers from St. Louis on

I have some very nice pieced of exercise equipment, very nice. I have an Xbox 360 with Zumba and a couple dancing games...

I have never stuck with anything here. The only way I work out regularly is to go to the YMCA. See if I skip a day, people will ask where I was and I don't want to say the gravity seems more intense in my bed so.....

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answers from Eugene on

I have free weights, a resistance strap, dvd's and a stair machine. I only remember to work out at home if I'm doing something out of the house once a week or more. Working out at home is something to tide me over til I can go to Zumba, dance or hike. Otherwise I'm just not motivated enough to keep up the home workout.



answers from Chicago on

I do kickboxing at light weights. When we get a bigger house, we will be buying a home gym.


answers from Washington DC on

i'd love to go to a gym because they have all the *stuff* and i tend to push myself harder when i'm there. but we're out in the boonies and i just won't drive to one. so all my workouts are here, and i only get to play at gyms when i'm vacationing.
my best equipment is my running shoes. i get out and run 3-5 days per week. we're fortunate to have great, beautiful places to run. i can do the C&O canal from my house, or drive 5 minutes and have the whole antietam battlefield.
but sometimes weather isn't cooperative, and woman does not get fit through running alone. so we also have a stair-stepper and elliptical, and weights. if i've got to work out inside, i have the luxury of doing it with netflix.
i'd love to have a bowflex but the budget hasn't permitted that (yet.)
i'd pick one cardio machine (elliptical or treadmill type thing) and a simple set of weights. maybe some bands. you don't want to invest a lot of money until you know what kind of equipment you like enough to use regularly, KWIM? that's why i don't bother with a treadmill. i run outside so much that i want something different if i'm working out in the house.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have an elliptical machine that I use every morning. Also a small stepper and a couple of DVDs.


answers from Huntington on

Mostly at home, since I have little kids. The gym daycare really adds up.
I have a nice treadmill and I like to use it or go jogging in my neighborhood. We have many nice running paths nearby.
I add in some workout dvds as well (yoga, Turbo Jam, pilates, 30 day shred).
I also have a punch pass to a zumba class that I attend 1-2 nights a week.

I like working out at home because 1- it is expensive to do the gym daycare and my husband works late a lot, 2-no driving time, 3-doesn't matter how I look. I can strip down to a sports bra and sweat buckets, no matter. At the gym I would not be willing to just wear a sports bra! 4-I get the heeby jeebies a bit from public gyms, just all the germs and other people's sweat. Just grosses me out a bit.

The equipment I have: treadmill, heart rate monitor/watch (Polar FT) which tracks your calories burned, running shoes, yoga mat, stability ball, workout dvds, a few light handweights (5 and 8 lb). Oh, and a trampoline. Love jumping on the trampoline with the kids! I would love to get a weight bag for kickboxing and a spin bike one day.



answers from Bloomington on

I have to go to a gym &'take classes to workout. I get to know the people & instructor in the classes & makes me feel accountable.

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