Exterminator in Denton?

Updated on July 27, 2007
L.W. asks from Denton, TX
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I am having a SERIOUS issue with brown spiders in my house right now. I am seeing an average of 2 a day. That is NOT normal! Can someone please recommend a good exterminator in my area. I would like to stay away from big business type places like terminex because I think they are a rip-off. Thanks.

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Hello. My husband has his own pest control company. He is the only employee so he works really hard. He is honest and very personable, and if it makes you feel better, we both hold very strong Christian values. His company name is Bugs Benny Pest Control and his phone number is ###-###-#### if you'd like to call him and see if he is able to help you with your problem. Hope this helps.

In Christ,
L. Guy

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Try US Pest & Termite- they're a local company. ###-###-#### www.uspestandtermite.us



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We've used Adams Ext. and been very pleased.



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I use Adams exterminators and they are great. They are based out of Denton. Good luck.

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