Home Maintenance: Infant

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Advice on Cystocele/rectocele/uterine Prolapse Repair

Hi all, My situation is this: as a result of a traumatic birth experience (forceps, monster episiotomy, big baby), I now have a grade 3 cystocele, rectocele, and uterine prolapse that is getting worse every month that goes by. I just saw a urogynecologist who recommended a surgical repair. He is recommending the abdominal surgery (like a c-section) versus the transvaginal approach. This surgery would involve a partial hysterectomy. My understanding is that the recovery is extensive and very restrictive (couldn't lift more than 5 lbs...


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Formaldehyde Treated Flooring

Hi Mamas, My husband and I just purchased bamboo flooring for our home and it is treated with formaldehyde. Do any of you know if it is safe to be around while pregnant? I am 15 1/2 weeks along with my first. I need to know if I should move in with my mom for a few days while the floor airs out or not worry. Thanks so much for your advice! J.


A House or a Home?

Are you and your family living in a house that you will eventually move out...


Hiring a Plumber

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Plumber for Clogged Disposal

Unfortunately, we have a disposal that is able to dispose of just about NOTHING. Just had a baby and Mom is in town helping. My girls got a hold of a new box of Golden Grahams and emptied them all over the playroom. She simply swept them up and put the entire box down the disposal?! Needless to say, it is backed up and I can't live a day without a kitchen sink!! I need a plumber that is great, but won't charge me an arm and a leg, either. Preferably someone who can get to me PRONTO! Thanks so much ahead of time!!


Need a Plumber

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced plumber around Hurst?


Plumber in Garland?

Hey moms - we live in one of those 70s-era houses in Garland and need some...


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Big HOME Remodels

Hi, for those of you who have done big home remodels, I'm wondering, how did you finance it? Did you save up money for the project? Use your savings? Take out a loan? Just trying to wrap my head around a home project =)