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Updated on April 02, 2012
L.K. asks from Lafayette, CA
4 answers

Hello! Happy Sunday!

I have a question for either contractors or individuals who have remodeled their home in California. I'm curious how far money takes you these days with remodels? If you have remodeled your home before, what did you do and how much money did you spend on the remodel?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Well, it really depends on how much you are planning to do and how nice you want it to be. You can do a bathroom for $1500 or $5000. You can do your whole house, but it will be probably over $100k for a big house. It really depends on what you want to do. Windows are very expensive, but you can often get a tax rebate for energy efficiency. Refinishing cabinets is much cheaper than getting new cabinets built. Tile countertops are cheaper than granite. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are cheaper than glass or natural stone tiles. You can buy new lights at home depot for less, or buy them at a lamp store for a lot more. Laminate flooring is a lot less than hardwood. Carpeting can have a $5 per square foot (or more) difference depending on what you want to choose.

Bottom line: there is a HUGE range of how far your money can take you, depending on what room you're doing, how nice you want it to be, and how much you want new vs. refinishing what's already there.

no matter what, it won't be cheap and it will take a long time!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

The prices can vary way too much to even give you an estimate. I think the windows in my home were 10K about eight years ago. My neighbor across the street did her kitchen last year...twice as much money and three times as long as expected.


answers from Chicago on

I will tell you what I tell everyone who asks this question:
1. It will cost twice as much as quoted
2. It will take twice as long as quoted
3. Fully vet your contractor



answers from San Francisco on

I did a minor remodel of our two bathrooms a couple years ago and spent $10K each. That paid for new tile on floor and shower, one new tub, one new sink/vanity, new fixtures and labor. Both bathrooms were small to medium in size. I think our plumber was overpriced but everything turned out beautifully and on time. It was a week per bathroom.

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