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22 Month Daughter Getting Cleft Palate Repair Next Month

My daughter will be going through major surgery next month, cleft palate repair being the major and also getting tubes in ears, ABR test, larynxoscopy, tracheoscopy, MRI of the brain betting bones and abdomen checked, all in the same day. We have a long day ahead of us. I was wondering if any one has had or knows some one who has had one of these procedures, I know she will be under anesthesia, for a long while. My question mainly goes to the cleft palate repair, Is the recovery very painful? whats your experience with your lil' one with...


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Laminate Flooring in Bathroom?

Hi all! We are ripping out our carpet and installing laminate flooring, it looks awesome! Is it possible to use it in the bathroom? Or, will the water ruin the floors? Also, how do you clean your laminate flooring? Thanks!



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Exterior Home Painting

I am looking for a very reasonable painter. I live in Shawnee. I own my half of the duplex and just need a honest and trustworthy painter. I need exterior painting and also to fix some wood rot. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks.