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6 Year Old Boy/ ADHD

My 6 year old boy is loving, caring, sweet and smart but is having a lot of issues in Kindergarten with focus, consentration and aggressive behavior that seems to be escalating. Has anyone tried an herbal formula (synaptol) vs. drugs. I am desperately looking for the right thing to help my son.


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5 Year Old Doesn't Listen

Hello, I have a 5 year old daughter who doesn't listen. She isn't a bad kid in the sense that she hits or does things purposefully bad. But when I ask her to do anything or tell her to stop doing something she throws a fit or just ignores me. I have taken things away from her, used time outs, and now all I do is scream. I can't do it anymore. Screaming is not my personality and it is everyday. Now when I tell her something I know is going set her off I feel like crying because I know in 5 minutes I will be screaming. The kicker is after...