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What to Expect from Home Remodel

Hello! Happy Sunday! I have a question for either contractors or individuals who have remodeled their home in California. I'm curious how far money takes you these days with remodels? If you have remodeled your home before, what did you do and how much money did you spend on the remodel?


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Has Anyone Remodeled a Bathroom or Kitchen?

My bathroom is falling apart. My kitchen floor is linolium installied 18 years ago, and the countertops aren't looiking very good. It's past time. We were at a festival and I signed up to have someone come in and give us a quote. They came and took a bunch of measurements and asked questions. The following week, they came back and showed us some of the items they picked for us. Showed me a catalog. I even visited the showroom, but there were no prices so I had no idea if I was picking a $300 sink or an $800 sink, even though they guided...


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Remodelling the Kitchen

We are planning to remodel our kitchen in the near future. We need to change everything: appliances, floor, cabinets, lighting, etc. I was wondering if anyone has good recommendations for a contractor?Also, is it better to go with a private contractor or with places like Home Depot, Lowes? What is a good place to buy applinces? One more question: does anyone have an induction stove? If yes, is it worth spending the money on it? Thanks in advance.