Cute Home in Need of Repair to Sale. References?

Updated on July 21, 2006
L.A. asks from Spokane, WA
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My mom has a home on a woodsy acre lot that needs some tlc. She is widowed and does not have much funds, and so she needs to get out quick. We need to resurface cabinets, tile the floors, replace a glass shower door, replace countertops in the 2 bathrooms, foundation repair, fix the ceiling in the garage... The home is really cute, it just needs some updates! We don't know where to start or who to call. Do we purchase supplies, or hire someone to do that part too, or what? Our last hired help, took the money and did a half job... we are scared of that happening again! Does anyone have any advice, or know of an honest person/company who does this sort of thing? I've already looked into the "we buy ugly houses" thing, but the home is worth too much, they won't take it.

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Hi, When we decided to rent out our old house in Grapevine, the management company had Michael Cramer w/Quick Turns come out and do all the work except for the re-keying, carpeting and the tub refinishing. He did tile work, ceiling repairs, painting, replaced doors, removed wallpaper, retextured walls and ceilings, etc. Based on the list you gave, I'm thinking he could do it all except the foundation work. Well, I'm not sure about the cabinetry as we didn't have any of that done, but we were pleased with the results, and the price was unbelievable (cheap), but to be honest, that's probably because of his relationship with our property management company. I'm sure he charges them less than he would just a regular customer since they use him for many many properties. But it wouldn't hurt to see. Here is his contact info - Michael Cramer w/Quick Turns- ###-###-####. The name of our property management company is Get Their First Realty if Michael asks how you were referred to him. I will say that we had to have him come back a couple of times to correct some little issues that were left undone, but he came back with no problem and got most everything fixed to our liking. Good luck with your mother's home. I hope all goes smoothly! :-)

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I would hire an "honest" handyman to give you an estimate for all. I had a guy come out for the A/C company to fix drywall, and he did an excellent job. He also fixed another drywall spot for me at a great price. I was impressed at how personable and knowledgeable he was, and he is not some 18 year old - he said he "retired" from heavy construction. If I were doing these repairs, I would call him for a complete estimate, and if there is anything he doesn't do, he may be able to refer someone. Call Daniel at ###-###-####. For plumbing, I use a guy I found recommended in the database here. That is what you probably need to do for the foundation repair. Depending on your situation, that may need to be done first. If you find someone good for that, please let me know. Everyone I have called to come out has either not shown up or not called me back! I do my own tiling, painting, etc. Home Depot contractors are pretty safe for counters and stuff like that. Hope all goes well!



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Where is this home located? We may be looking to buy another house if you are wanting to sell it. My email address is

A. S.



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Lisa, My husband is an estimator for a foundation repair company and I think he can help you. He used to be a general contractor when we lived in CA, he works with investers and contractors everyday now. He is an honest christian guy and will give you help you need...if he can't help, he definitely knows someone who can help. His name is Sean and his cell is ###-###-####. I told him about your problem and he is looking forward to your call.



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I know of a Christian Family Man who is an independant contractor. His name is Brian Champlin and he can provide you with many references. He is honest and hardworking and will get the job done in a timely manner.

His phone number is ###-###-####.

Give him a call. I know you'll be pleased.



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I know someone who does this kind of work. His name is Chris Perez. He does a great job and he gives free estimates. his number is ###-###-####.

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