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How to Market My Credit Repair Business

Hello momma's out there. My name is Jessica and I am a stay at home mom. I have opened up my own credit repair company and started my business. I was wondering if you momma's had any advice on where I could advertise for minimal cost since I do not currently have the funds to have a huge overhead. All your help would be appreciated. I am just a small home business helping people who are committed to help themselves and affordable in the market crisis. I need a small advertisement or referral service that wouldn't charge too much. If you...


How to Stay at Home

I would love the oppertunity to stay home with my children. Its killing me...


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Is Wood Flooring Harmful to Baby Feet?

Hi Moms! We recently installed wood laminate flooring through out our home. My husband's friend told him that his son was complaining about his feet hurting. When he took his son to the doctor, his pediatrician told him that wood and tile flooring are bad for infants and toddlers because they are very hard and have the potential to ruin young children's developing feet. Anyone heard of this or have any experience? Thanks!


Flooring and Resale

My husband and I are replacing our carpeted areas with some type of hard...