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Flooring and Resale

My husband and I are replacing our carpeted areas with some type of hard flooring but we can't decide what. We live in a split level house. The carpet being replaced is in the upstairs living room and in the girls' rooms. We plan on selling this house in a few years. I suggested cork flooring because it is eco friendly and cork absorbs sound and shock and is hypoallergenic (so the pitter patter of children and dogs isn't so loud when someone is downstairs and when my daredevil youngest leaps from some height she can fall on something...


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Where to Buy New Carpeting

We are looking for new carpeting and don't want to spend a fortune. Can anyone recommend someplace that has nice carpet and a good price in the Lombard area. Thanks in advance.

Wood Flooring

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Wood Laminate or Real Wood Flooring

I want to change the floor in my kitchen, hallway, living room and T.V. room. I don't know if I should do real wood flooring or laminate wood flooring. I have the typical messy 3 year old and 6 year old. I want the easiest to maintain! Any ideas of which would be the best?