Repair AGAIN? Return, Replace?

Updated on October 25, 2010
J.F. asks from Oregon, OH
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I'm sort of heartbroken over this. My husband gave me a diamond bracelet (for which he paid in the ball park of $250) the day we got married, only 5 months ago. I wore it from that moment on, including during our wedding. Since then, it has had to be repaired twice (for the same problem, plus an additional issue the second time) and has been in the repair "shop" more than it has been onn my wrist. I just got it back from the second round of repairs on Wednesday and as I was getting ready for bed last night, it fell off. Broken again, in a thrid different spot. I love it and want to wear it daily because it means so much to me. My husband is beyond pissed (which I don't blame him) and insists that we need to return it and demand that it be replaced. While I like that idea because it seems useless to have such a beautiful peice of jewelry that I can't wear, I'm still really torn. If I get it replaced, then I don't think it will have the same meaning, nor can I always remember and tell my children that this is the bracelet dad gave me on the day we were married. At the same time though, I don't want to hold onto something that will just sit in a drawer with all of the meaning that goes with it. Maybe its tunnel vision on my part, but it seems like these are my only 2 options because these people are ovbiously not able to keep it in a "working order." He purchased an insurance plan which covers all repairs and replaces the diamonds forever, so it seems silly not to keep having it fixed, but I just feel like I shouldn't have to worry about losing it because it breaks every time I wear it. What would you do?

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Washington DC on

replace it. the love behind the gift isn't changing, just an item with a defect.
i lost my wedding ring and was devastated. so much invested in it being *that* ring (remember the end of 'o brother where art thou'??)
now i love the new one.
nothing's changed between the ol' man and me!
:) khairete

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answers from Johnstown on

There's obviously a defect in the gold or silver or whatever metal it may be. I would return it. If it keeps breaking like that, there's no point in keeping it if you're only going to have it in for repairs every other day. Tell them you want an exact replacement. If the store he got it at can't do that, take it to a jeweler who can, and then once the replacement is made, return the defective one and get your money back.

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answers from Austin on

Well I would be more upset if it broke and I totally lost it, which eventually is going to happen..

So decide, do you want to take a chance of losing it, since it keeps breaking, or having your husband loving place a new one on your wrist that is stronger..

FYI. even if the bracelet were $10,000.. most people would not wear it everyday, we do so many strenuous activities,, washing dishes, laundry, holding wiggly kids.. that a piece of jewelry like that is not made to withstand that type of use..

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would take it back and have them either repair it or give you your money back. Then have your husband buy you something longer lasting at a different store. And it doesn't have to have lots of little diamonds. It seems the most important part was the love your husband put into it.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Sacramento on

Mom, this is a no-brainer, if your husband is ok with you replacing it, do it girl, but I would have him come to the store w/ you and let him pick out the new one since he bought the 1st one. A friend had a nice one and the same happened and her was lost, but no repair or replacement policy :< Your husband sounds like a great guy. Hope this helps!

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answers from Honolulu on

Don't wear it.
It will fall off.
And next time maybe, you will NOT be able to find it. It will be lost.
THEN your precious gift from your Husband, will be lost forever.
I would not wear it... since it keeps falling off.
And personally, I would be REAL upset, if I lost that bracelet.... versus just having it at home safe.

Replace it.
If you lose the bracelet... you will then feel foolish... that you did not replace it. Because then, you will not have it at all. Period.

all the best,

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answers from Tulsa on

I agree with your husband. and since he paid for it let him do the talking he will get farther than you no offense. but I dont blame him for bieng pissed I would be too.

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answers from Boca Raton on

The value and meaning isn't in the bracelet itself - it is in your husband's love for you.

Don't get hung up on the stuff of this world which will all pass at some point . . .


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answers from Fort Wayne on

I can totally understand your sentiment. Personally, I would return it and demand the exact same style. Have a little ceremony when you get the new one. Go out to a nice dinner and have him place it on your arm. The bracelet is a symbol of your love, that's a sentiment that will never go away.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Unfortunately jewelry starts to give, especially those favorite pieces we like to wear every day.

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answers from Dayton on

You did not say what TYPE of bracelet it is. Is it a tennis-bracelet? They do wear out, especially if you wear them everyday. I had the exact same experience and lost mine. I was devastated. Got a replacement and when it got to the same place, had it repaired a few times, but the jewler told me, it's all the little connecting hinges and they are all worn out, you will have to keep repairing it. So I quit wearing it. My DIL had the same issue with hers and when hers broke, we eventually talked about putting it into a shadow box with pictures/the story. I'm not sure if she did it or not. I've also had a couple ruby braclets that have done the same thing. I quit wearing them before they were lost. So when my husband just bought me another one...I chose to only wear it for special occaisions. It does make me sad, as I LOVE nice jewlrey...I think the bangle braclets are more sturdy than the chaintype...maybe those would be better for everyday?

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answers from Cleveland on

my husbands wedding ring broke, about a month after the wedding. I was heartbroken, and had your same issues, it's not really his wedding ring if they replace it. However, it's not any more special if he can't wear it, and it wasn't cheap, and was a large part of our budget. I cried a lot but we replaced it, or the jeweler did and after 2 years it's not a big deal, it's still his wedding ring and will forever have that special meaning. (even if it is his second ring from that day, lol)

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'm w/ your husband on this one. What if it breaks again and you lose it? Then you'll have NOTHING. If you pay for something, you expect it to last, work or whatever. Jewelry should be no exception.

If you're still not up for this, maybe you need to think about having some of it designed into a necklace or something else you can wear and keep and not have to worry about breaking or losing.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I had the same problem. I had it repaird about 4 times. Once I even lost it because it broke (again) and fell off my wrist. my hubby was nice enough to buy me another one, but I ended up loosing that one as well. I say return it and buy a necklace or pair of snazzy earring. those tennis bracelets are really not that great

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answers from Augusta on

I'd put it away and not wear it except for special occasions. I have a ring hubby game me before we got engaged it was an old fashioned promise ring. I LOVE the fact that he gave me a promise ring and to me it is more valuable than my wedding ring. I only wear it for very special occasions because I am so afraid I am going to loose it.

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answers from Toledo on

I would have it made into earrings or something. Or reconfigured using its own material. May cost some, but with cost comes security.

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answers from Dothan on

Honestly, I would take it a local jeweler who makes their own jewelery (not the place you bought it from) and see if either they can repair it permantently or convert the bracelet into something else. Like take out the diamonds and make it a necklace or earrings? There is much more you can do but first try to demand a replacement at the place it was purchased from!

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answers from Cincinnati on

Have it out with the GM of the shop he got it from. Let them know all the problems you've been having with it & remind them of how unacceptable that is. You want it fixed RIGHT! And NOW! Good luck.... I've been there.

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answers from Terre Haute on

I assume you take it off to shower and when napping/sleeping.
If not do that and it should protect the jewlery a lot.
If you already take it off then I would insit on getting another one.
It would be the "same" as the other one. but in good working order.
His love is not in the bracelet but in the thoughtfulness and being happy with the quality will make you love it even more.

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