LG Refrigerator Repair Service Needed

Updated on January 13, 2009
A.Q. asks from Waxhaw, NC
4 answers

Does anyone know of a an appliance or repair shop that handles LG refrigerators? I'm having a problem with water leaking out from the bottom freezer door...don't know who to call. Live in the Waxhaw area..Thank you !

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answers from Portland on

I do not live in NC so I don't know anyone but I had that happen to me and didn't know who to call either. Someone told me to take the bottom grill off the refrigerator and there is a clear looking hose/line in the bottom, just follow it where it hooks up. If that is damaged or you can see water leaking from it then you can replace that. You may have to use a screw driver to take a bolt out in order to replace it... but we did it and it is not hard. If I can do it anyone can. Now it turned out that wasn't our problem, but what our problem turned out to be is the filter in the bottom. We have a water filter on our refrig and it needed changing and I wasn't in the habit of changing it like I should have been. All it was was a dial that I had to turn to release it and then pulled it out. Went to Home Depot and got a new one and put it in and it fixed the problem. You may want to check those things first before you call a repair man if you can find one. That was my problem, I had no idea where to find a repair man.
Hope that helps.



answers from Nashville on

I have this problem with mine as well. My problem is that water freezes in the hose line and then can't drain, so eventually leaks out the bottom. I tried pouring hot water down the drain to melt the ice, but it was taking forever and was only a temporary fix. Try to defrost your refrigerator and see if this solves the problem. May be a temporary fix to a larger problem though...



answers from Nashville on

Do you have an ice maker and filtered water on the fridge? If so, then you probably need to replace your filter. The seal on the filter goes bad and the filter needs to be replaced about every 6 months. I have had water draining from the bottom of my fridge twice, ruined my hardwood floors, only to find that I would forget to replace my water filter. Good luck.



answers from Nashville on

Call the number on the paperwork, the LG company. They usually can give you the number who works on their products in your area. Especially if it is under warranty, you may have to use who they refer. You may just have to defrost it, it may be frozen up on the coil. This happened to our Kenmore and when we called they said to defrost it. Good luck.

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