Birth Plan and What to Have Ready to Take to the Hospital for the Delivery

Updated on February 24, 2010
P.P. asks from Plano, TX
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What to take??? I'm seven months along and I have to still get a backpack ready with all the stuff I will need during my stay at the hospital. this is my second baby and with my first we were so inexperienced that we did not pack anything only the camera. I want to have a backpack ready with anything that will help during my hospital stay. so far I've only got some onesies for my little girl, and I will get some receiving blankets from the store. What did you all take to the hospital?? what helped the most??? thank you so much in advance, I want to have my bag ready to go without worrying that I'm forgetting something.

also do you need a birth plan if you're having a cesarean?? With vaginal delivery I had some requests the first time, no people in the room except my husband, not to have an episiotomy (which I did get in the end anyways...) etc. but for cesarean I'm completely lost. Most likely it will be a scheduled c-section (my first one)and I have no clue what to expect, aside from a harder recovery.
anyways thank you all in advance for your help, I'm excited, anxious, and happy at the same time, I just want to get prepared a little bit better than my first time.
Thanks and God bless,

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answers from Dallas on

I have not had a c-section, just 3 vag. births, but I'm sure most of this stuff still applies. In addition to the obvious camera, etc. I took the baby book and announcement envelopes so I could start filling those out, nice paper to have the nurses do some extra footprints on (that way you can put the best on in the baby book instead of leaving it to chance), nursing bras (the sleep ones that Motherhood sells), socks/slippers, flip flops for the shower, and a cute out fit with matching blankie for the 1st picture. Also, we brought each shift of our nurses something to eat. We weren't there as long as you will be, but you could do something on a smaller scale. I think it was just bagels, muffins & donuts. Congrats!



answers from Dallas on

Hi. I ended up having a C-section last minute. Recovery was not really bad. Expect to be in the hospital 2-3 days and just take things that will make you more comfortable while you recover. IF you have a fave book, music, lotion, shampoo, nightgown, etc, just comfort items. As for the baby and labor, my hubby had to run to walmart becuase the clothes we took were too big for baby, so take some different sizes. He was about 7 lbs but only premie clothes fit him for a while. He was perfectly healthy, just had a hard time coming out to see me! I packed and unpacked and repacked my bag for months and never used a single thing in there!



answers from Dallas on

Everyone else has good ideas for what to bring, I just wanted to chime in on the Pitocin. You either are having a planned C-section or you are having a planned vaginal birth with or without labor induction. You can't have a planned C-section AND planned labor induction. If you labor (with or without being induced) you may end up with a C-section if for whatever reason you can't give birth vaginally. Pitocin is the drug used to induce labor contractions. It is also used after a vaginal birth to help the uterus "clamp down" and prevent excessive bleeding. It is sometimes used for this purpose after a C-Section as well. Just fyi. Good luck to you and your baby.


answers from Dallas on

the camera is the most important so I think you did great the first time! These may be obvious, but... change of clothes, comb, toothbrush, robe and pad of paper to jot down things that might come up. How Exciting!



answers from Dallas on

You can have a birth plan because some hospitals allow one or two people in the room during a cesearan as well. I'd talk to your OB or labor/delivery nurse to see what flexibility you might have as to what you can ask for.

Don't know what you'll need especially in terms of stuff for yourself with a c-section, but for the baby - if you can get swaddlers, those are GREAT - target has them. they're like little papooses that swaddle the baby at the top. An outfit or 2 for the baby - sometimes you can get pictures taken while you're still in the hospital - we did - and it's nice to have a little outfit for the pictures. If you have a baby blanket that compliments the outfit, use that for the "background".

Books, music, stuff to keep you occupied, though I was so freaking tired I just wanted to sleep and didn't even look at that stuff ;)

I would google - c-section delivery checklists or something like that and you might find just what you're looking for.

Take care!



answers from Dallas on

I had an emergency c-section with my first and a repeat c-section with my second. I wanted my own Pillows. You are in the hospital longer and the pillows help so much with the incision. I used my pillows for my head and to hug on and used the hospital pillows between my knees and feet. It really made me much more comfortable.

My hospital has DVD players in the rooms, so we took a few movies, though we didn't watch many but it was nice to have, just in case.

I also took my own pajamas and outfits for during the day. Since I spent 3 nights in the hospital, I wanted to be able to be "dressed" for visitors instead of in that hospital gown all the time.

I had outfits for the baby as well, since we were there longer. I wanted them to be all cute instead of just wearing the white hospital issue shirts.

You can still have a birth plan. Make one for a vaginal delivery and one for the c-section, that way everybody knows exactly what you want. My biggest advice for a c-section if you end up with one is to get out of bed as soon as they let you and get out of it often. Walk as much as you can. Take the pain meds while you are in the hospital, I only took them at night once I went home. The walking helps the soreness so much. Take is slow and easy, but walk every chance you get. I also preferred to sit in a chair many times during the day versus just being in bed so at my meals I would always sit up in a chair to eat rather than lounging on the bed.

I also used a pillow for the car ride home, those bumps hurt!! Hugging the pillow helped.

Congratulations and good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

I had a c-section with my first and will have it with my second in May and get my tubes tied during that process. I had a great recovery.They cut me in the bikini area and the scar is as thin as a sharp pencil. I healed very well. So this time the dr is gonna cut along the same line and I plan on having an easy healing process as before. I had an outfit for the baby, took advantage of the freebees the hospital gave me and had alot of snacks and food available inbetween the meals at the hospital. Someone can be in the room with you during delivery and they can sut the cord..It was great. my twin had a natural birth and c-section with her second and chooses a c-section over natural any day. They gave me pain killers after but I didnt need them. I think it's all a mind game and everyones tolerance is different but I LOVED it!!!



answers from Dallas on

A couple other things for you:

1) Find out if they have DVD players in the room and bring some kid movies for your older one to watch even if they are just going to be visiting a little.
2) My older ones always made bags with a few little cheap presents in them from the new baby (snacks, hot wheels cars, color books and colors, leggos etc) that helped to keep them occupied while they were there.
3) If you end up with a c-section and plan to wear some of your own clothing choose some pants that have some soft elastic waistbands and that are comfortable pulled up a little high or down low (it is painful if they sit right on your incision) or even better is to go with gowns.
4) Snacks for you and hubby
5) A list of family/friends and their phone numbers or emails if you plan to call them or email pictures of the baby.



answers from Richmond on

I'm 37 weeks & still not packed! I procrastinate. Anything I would bring, I use daily anyway. I find it strange some of the "to bring" lists are so huge. It would seem like you are going to be in the hospital for a week before you have the kid. I had to stay 2 days for my first two & that was nerve-racking. I wanted to go home. I am bringing pajamas or something comfortable to sleep/lounge in. Slippers/flip flops?? Don't want bare feet anywhere. (obviously socks, underwear, bras) I'm not hanging out in a gown for any amount of time when I don't have to. Clothes to wear home, clothes for the baby to wear home & blanket, since it's still cold here. Obviously don't forget to put your carseat in the car. Any toiletries/make up etc so I can shower & dress. My camera, my phone & chargers. They have lists for dads too.... strange. We have two kids (my MIL would probably be at home with them) so even if my husband were to stay overnight, it's not like he would shower at the hospital, so I don't see where he would bring anything at all. He'd probably go home to shower & check on the kids & could bring/get anything I felt I needed. I don't need books, movies, snacks...if the older kids were to visit they/their father can pack what they will need to keep themselves entertained or fed. I wouldn't bring those things with me. So bare minimum here. I'm not packing for vacation. Just bring what would make you comfortable...and whatever you would need to pass time, if that wasn't sleep.

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