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Updated on March 20, 2007
L.W. asks from Broadview Heights, OH
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I'm 37 years old and pregnant (through IVF). I've already had 3 miscarriages so my fertility doctor reccomended I see an OB who deals with High Risk Pregnancies. I live in Broadview Heights but am willing to travel a little to get a good OB. Can anyone reccomend one to me?

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answers from Cleveland on

When I had a few complications during my pregnancy, I saw a perinatologist, Dr. Moodley at Fairview Hospital. I am not sure if he takes new patients or if you have to be referred from an OB, but I really liked him.



answers from Cleveland on

I hear Fairview Hospital is the best in Cleveland for high-risk pregnancies. Although my OB/GYN was in Parma, he referred me to Dr. Moodley in Fairview for all my ultrasounds and he was absolutely excellent. He tells it to you straight, gives you all the odds and I've never had a more comprehensive explaination about a health situation from any doctor, ever. He also worked very well with my OB. Good luck!



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Hi L.,

I was high risk with my first child, a baby boy born two years ago. I went to Dr. George Van Buren downtown at University. He is the best. We were dealing with a lot of issues throughout our pregnancy and he always reminded us of the positive. He is very down to earth and loves what he does. I just had our second child a baby girl 2 1/2 months ago and though I was not considered high risk I begged him to see us through the pregnancy. He is WONDERFUL and I highly recommend him!

R. J



answers from Cleveland on

My second pregnancy was high risk and I used the OB/GYNs at Paragon Health Associates. Dr. Eric McKnight at the White Pond Branch was absolutely excellent!



answers from Columbus on

L. -

First of all, congratulations! If you need a good high risk OB, I'd recommend Dr. Van Buren ###-###-####) at University Hospital. If UH seems to far to travel for all of those regular OB appointments, maybe they can set something up similar to what I did - I saw my regular OB for the monthly (then weekly) apppointments and only saw Dr. VanBuren once a month. He was sort of a "consultant" during my pregnancy.

Sounds like your situation is very similar to mine..pregnancy after years of infertility and we also adopted our son at birth.

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