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Updated on November 26, 2011
V.S. asks from Sachse, TX
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Can anyone recommend a good ObGyn that deals with high risk pregnancies in Dallas/Garland/Plano area? Here's my background: I've had 3 failed pregnancies: stillborn baby at 32 weeks, followed by 2 miscarriages at 5-6 weeks (1.5 years after stillbirth). None of the tests have been able to identify the cause of the failed pregnancies. I really need a doctor who i can rely upon to get me thru the next one - really appreciate your input on finding the best help i can get. I live in Sachse, but am willing to travel for the right doctor. Thanks in advance.

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answers from Dallas on

Dr. Erin Koster in Plano is amazing. Her office is at Plano Presby. She has the hi-res sono in her office, and does them herself. Especially in a situation where you have faced multiple miscarriages (I did too), having a female OB that truly understands what you are going through is priceless. Make an appointment and go meet her. You'll be glad you did. Best of luck to you!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

The dr I use is a high risk but I live in OK.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you and I hope everything works out for you!

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't have any suggestions, as I live far away from you, but just know that I'm thinking good thoughts for you! I hope you have a safe, healthy pregnancy and that everything goes smoothly.

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answers from Pensacola on

I didn't have a high risk pregnancy, but my obgyn specializes in fertility and high risk pregnancy. His name is Dr. John A. Maxey. He works at Las Colinas Medical Center in Irving, TX. He is the most amazing doctor ever IMO. He is so kind and funny and knows his stuff. He would always take extra time to answer all my questions, even if he had other ppl waiting.



answers from Dallas on

Are you pregnant? If you are not pregnant, I would suggest you see a fertility specialist first. My first pregnancy was molar, the 5 following that would miscarry at around 6 weeks. I went to a fertility specialist and, though I don't test positive for the blood clotting disorder, the fertility specialist decided to put me on heparin to thin my blood. That is how I was able to maintain the 7th pregnancy with my daughter. I had a chemical pregnancy 2 years later. We stopped trying and this past summer I got pregnant without trying and I am currently maintaining this pregnancy with heparin again.

I would not say you automatically need heparin. You may need to go to a fertility specialist to determine if your eggs are developing properly, you are ovulating on time, and your luteal phase is long enough. Beyond that, there are other things they can determine by monitoring you. My fertility specialist is Dr. James Douglas ( My OB is in Frisco, Dr. Jason Harn ( Both of these men are amazing doctors and I highly recommend them and their staffs!



answers from Des Moines on

How about a book suggestion? Even though it was 9 years between my last (of 3) miscarriage and my pregnancy with Isaac I could not BELEIVE how strongly all the fears and feelings came rushing back.

Pregnancy After a Loss: A Guide to Pregnancy After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death by Carol Cirulli Lanham was a LIFESAVER-- she's not an "expert" just a mom who's been there and lived through it

My thoughts and prayers are with you-- I got my miracle when I least expected him, I hope you are as fortunate!


answers from Minneapolis on

I was high risk as well with a previous stillbirth with my first husband and several misscarriages. When I married my now husband we got pregnant right off and I had a normal OBGYN that knew of my case history and I was classified High Risk and for other factors as well. I just demanded better care, and took most things offered for High Risk. If you do not know the cause of your fails, then a High Risk OB wont be able to help you as well all they can do is keep up on your testing and be available for questions and referrals. I do hope you can find one close to you, but I am in MN... I know how hard it is to find one, and how hard it was to get through what you went through. I had a stillborn son at 28 weeks.

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