High Risk Pregnancy Ob-gyn Recommendation near Dallas Downtown Area

Updated on January 13, 2013
V.S. asks from Sachse, TX
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Hi moms & moms-to-be,

I am new to the Dallas area and am looking for recommendations for a high-risk ob-gyn doctor in the area. Although my preference is to find a doctor closer to home, I wouldn't mind the distance if the doctor is good and comes highly recommended.

My last pregnancy ended in a stillbirth at 32 weeks and I want to make sure I do my research and get a good / recommended high risk obgyn this time.

Any feedback, input or pointers is greatly appreciated.

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I cannot recommend Dr. Julie Lo at UT Southwestern enough ###-###-####. She has fantastic bedside manner, is well respected by the entire nursing staff (very important when you deliver and are in recovery) and is up on all the latest research. She also delivers all her own babies and sees all her own patients.

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My doctor referred me to Dr. John Bertrand at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital. He is great and is as is very good with complicated pregnancies. My fertility doctor that I would very much recommend is Dr. Jerald Goldstein. He is very good, spent a lot of time we me and helped my husband understand exactly what was going on.

Good luck


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I would highly recommend Dr. Samuel Chantillis for fertility issues and then Dr. Ted Fogwell for your OB/GYN, both at Presby Dallas on Walnut Hill.
Dr. Fogwell was so wonderful with me while pregnant with my twins (but deals with many high risk pregnancies). I had 3 miscarriages before and Dr. Fogwell was so compassionate throughout my whole pregnancy. His staff are great, too. Someone will always call you back or see you ASAP if you have any worries. That sense of ease helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy. My twins will be 2 in May! They also work with a great prenatologist, Dr. Reinhart -- all are in the same building, so if you need to go from one to the other, it is easy and they communicate great together.

If you prefer a woman, I have heard Dr. Haygood at Presby is wonderful, too.

Best of luck and let me know if you have any further questions. You can find their numbers here: http://www.texashealth.org/body.cfm?id=952



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Hi there - A few years ago I lost my baby when I was 4 months along - these guys helped me through that very difficult time. Then I became pregnant again in 2008, my regular OB-GYN suggested I also be seen by specialist for high risk pregnancies because of my age and health issues. She sent me to one in Arlington who was HORRIBLE, so I requested to be sent back to Dr. Tabor & Dr. Thigpen’s office. Both doctors are great – for this second pregnancy Dr. Tabor took the lead and guided me throughout my pregnancy. My very healthy son will be 2 in March – I couldn’t have done it without the support from Dr. Tabor along with my regular OB-GYN. It helped having 2 sets of professional hands on me throughout my pregnancy.
I understand wanting a doctor close to home, but Dr. Tabor’s office (the one I went to) is located in Fort Worth. It is a bit of a drive since I live in Midlothian and work in Dallas, but for the sake of my son I did what I had to do.
Best of luck to you – May God Bless You with a beautiful, healthy, happy baby.

I highly recommend the following doctors:
Dr. Bannie L. Tabor, MD or Dr. Brad D. Thigpen, DO
1325 Pennsylvania Ave # 600
Fort Worth, TX 76104-2133



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Dr. Rochelle McKown is great and located at Methodist Hospital on Colorado.

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