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Updated on May 04, 2008
J.F. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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I have had two miscarriages and have tested positive for Lupus. Still going through some tests now like specific Lupus antibody tests and anticoagulation tests. I have been told by my OBGYN and Rheumatologist to seek out a high-risk OBGYN. Does anyone have experience with this or can recommend a good high-risk OBGYN in my area (Weston, FL)?

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answers from Miami on

Hello J.-
I have a high risk pregnany and have had several complications so far that could have caused a misscarriage or birth defects in my baby to be born. Fortnatelymy Dr. has caught everything before it came to that. Im in the hospiatl alot , but I rather be doing this then have anotherr miscarriage which I had 2 years ago. Now the only thin is, she is not in Weston , she is in Coral Springs, byt believe me she is on point, she takes no chances. Sometimes yo have to travel for the best as your baby is worth it. Her name is Dr. Christine Edwards and her number is ###-###-####. She also has appoints as early as 8:00am. You may waite a while though when you get there; but you should know that is how it is with all good Dr's



answers from Fort Myers on

I too see Dr. Barada. Highly recommended. I have also seen Dr. Rodriguez in the same practice who is very knowledgeable but I find Dr. Barada more personable. If you need to get sonograms, try and schedule a day when Kate is working. They are all good but I find her the nicest.

I see my regular OB/GYN who will deliver me and he takes care of the part with issues.

Warning, I have never been seen once on time but its worth a good perinatologist.

I do not have lupus, only excessive amniotic fluid (and 35 years+).



answers from Miami on

Hi J., I too have lupus, I got diagnosed when it affected my kidneys when I was about 17. I am 30 now and have a healthy 3 soon to be 4 year old girl. I had to see a high-risk ob-gyn too, they are called Perinatologist. My doctor was located in palmetto hospital in hialeah, so that may be far from you, but my ob was the one who recomended him to me and they worked close togehter throughout my pregnancy. Make sure they test you for the anti-ro and anti-ra anitbodies since having these positive can give the baby neonatal lupus when they are born, nothing really serious they usually have a rash for about 6 months, a more serious complication from these antibodies, but very rare, is that the baby can get a complete heart block and may need a pacemacker. the dr probably have told you all these things but just letting you know, I had these antibodies, but thank God, my daughter was healthy with no problems, she did have to go to a cardiologist the first week she was born, but that was just to make sure everything was good and it was! I know it can be scary being pregnant with this horrible desease, but it is posible to have a healthy and complication-free pregnancy, I am proof! Before I got pregnant, my Rheumatologist always advised me that I shouldnt have children because of the risk to my health, but here I am today, still in remmision for over 10 years and with a healthy daughter so please dont let your doctor discourage you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. hope I helped you out.



answers from Miami on

I went to a wonder perinatologist. I had to have an amnio done. I referred my friend there as well. She too, has Lupus and is also over 35. She started seeing him from the beginning of her first trimester and has since delivered a healthy baby boy- now 1 month. She said her entire experience was great and I know they take a lot of time with their patients (they did for me).
His name is Dr. Cesar Barada. He is located at 2235 Commerce Parkway, Suite # 2 WESTON, Fl 33326 ###-###-####
The practice is Southeast Perinatal Associates.
Good Luck to you!

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