High Risk Obgyn in Orem/ Provo for My Pregnancy

Updated on May 09, 2012
T.C. asks from Orem, UT
4 answers

I just recently was pregnant for nine months, a week before i was due i started having contractions so my husband and i went to the hospital so happy to finally have our baby,when we got there they couldnt pick up her heart beat. This has extremely taken a toll on my life. It was hard to hold my baby girl, she looked like she was just asleep and it killed inside knowing she would never wake up. Me and my husband are ready to get pregnant again, does anyone know of a good High risk obgyn doctor for my pregnancy?

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answers from Pocatello on

A good place to ask would be on the Utah Doula Association facebook page. That being said, I am very sorry for your loss and heartache. A cousin of mine experienced the same at 40 weeks (with her 3rd preg). Her baby had actually tied a true knot in it's cord (making a loop and swimming thru at a smaller stage and then it tightened as she grew). Did your doctors find any reason behind your daughter's stillbirth? I only mention that bc you needn't assume that every pregnancy will end similarly or that it would classify any future pregnancy as high risk. I know that for my cousin she chose to induce early with her subsequent pregnancy simply for the anxiety of not knowing.... that could be a choice for you, tho if all is well it is certainly better for the baby to be born at term. I wish you the best.



answers from Provo on


I am so sorry. I have been there. I don't have any suggestions for you, but you do have my sympathy, concern, and prayers.



answers from Provo on

My friend went to valley OBGYN if you have never been there thats an option. They did great with her!



answers from Provo on

My heart aches for you! When I was looking for high risk pregnancy doctors 4 years ago, several nurses at the hospital suggested Dr Woolsey, so I went with him. I'm not sure why. Perhaps because he had been working there for so many years that he was one who popped into their minds first. He was a nice man, but a bit forgetful, which is understandable because of his age. He may be retired now. Maybe now the nurses will have someone new in mind? If you ask the hospital nurses though, I suggest asking the nurses how long they themselves have worked there as well. Keep in mind that Utah Valley is a teaching hospital, which means lots of observers. I did not like that part. Good luck and God bless!

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