Anyone Been to a High Risk Ob/gyn?

Updated on September 04, 2011
M.B. asks from Clearwater, FL
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My son who is now 5 was born with non-immune fetal hydrops, basically it's fluid that accumulates in the body. Well jump to today my ob said he was going to refer me to a high risk ob for some further testing just to be safe because we never found what cause my sons hydrops. So my question is what can I expect out of the first visit with a high risk ob?
Let me add that I will continue seeing my regular ob because the hospital that I will see the high risk at doesn't delivery babies.

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So What Happened?

I guess I should add that I am currently 18 weeks along. And non-immune hydrops isn't cause from genetic issues. There usally are specific causes however none were found in my sons case, so it was just something that happened. Also the high risk dr will have nothing to do with delivery of this baby my reg ob will regaurdless of the condition of the baby, we have already agreed about that. There haven't been any issues so far so I'm just not sure what to expect.

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answers from Houston on

I went to one for my 20wk ultrasound and I will go for another ultrasound in a couple wks. It was just like my regular dr really. He did an ultrasound, said everything looked great and I was on my way. I only went bc I am 35 so my insurance covered being seen by both my dr and a high rish OB. I think you will find it is just like going to a regular OB, they are just more skilled at finding things, but likely things are fine so it will be a non-event.



answers from Norfolk on

I am currently seeing one. However its b/c I had high levels of something (forgot what they called it) in my blood, when they did my blood tests. This is our 4th and last child. So its all new to me also. My first visit they did an ultrasound, went over the findings (though I got the answers I was looking from my doctor) and went over family history. They are now watching the growth of our baby boy b/c he's on the lower end of the scale (though I'm not too worried all our boys were tiny and still are). Hope this helps a little. Good Luck and God Bless.



answers from Stationed Overseas on

Are you already pregnant or is she sending you for pre-pregnancy evaluation and testing? Is your son's condition genetic or just a random thing that happened? I would guess that if you are already pregnant then your OB is sending you for better monitoring. High risk OBs tend to have better equipment and better technicians. When I see mine I see the tech first and have my ultrasound done. Usually lasts 20-30 mintues as mine is very detailed and the tech is looking at various things. I then see my high risk doctor and she explains what was seen, answers any questions I might have (I usually bring a list) and then we decide together what the next step is. My high risk and regular OB then touch base at some point before my next appointment with my regular OB. I see the high risk doctor every 10-14 days. But of course each person is different with different issues. If you don't know already you should find out what kind of testing they will be doing, how it will help your next pregnancy, how often you will need to be monitored and what kind of monitoring. You should also ask if the doctor has experience with your son's condition.



answers from Norfolk on

Mine was quite underwhelming. My regular OB wanted me to see the high risk OB so they knew me, knew my case and wouldn't be completely surprised by me if I wound up needing to deliver someplace with a NICU. Truth be told, my high-risk OB's office was at a medical school that wasn't as nice and calming as my regular guy's office and the waits were atrocious. I hope you have a better experience and wind up not needing one. Good luck.



answers from St. Louis on

I was referred to one with my last/4th pregnancy.

He was awesome, taught me a lot, & was in the same building/hospital as my regular ob/gyn. He did not have to be present at the delivery...everything was a.o.k.....blessings!

My visits began at the prenatal lab/clinic at the hospital. I was placed in a recliner & hooked to a monitor....& had lab work, too. Then I moved to the high-risk dr....with my results following me. & then finally, I saw my regular ob/gyn....with results from the 2 other appts ready & waiting. Long, long days! ....especially since I had a 90 minute drive in/out of the city to get to the hospital & was hauling around my 9yo son who was battling a degenerative hip disease - he was either on crutches & in a hip brace or was in a wheelchair. Freakin' nightmare, logistically! But it all ended in a safe & healthy delivery!

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