High Risk Pregnancy - Dallas,TX

Updated on December 28, 2010
J.A. asks from Shreveport, LA
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Does anyone know of any HIGH RISK doctors anywhere remotely close to the North Texas area who take medicaid? My fiance is in terrible pain and cannot find a dr who is willing to work with her using pain meds and if this pain continues she will not be able to carry this baby full term..PLEASE HELP if you know anyone!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Take her to the ER right away if she's in that much pain--or call 9-1-1.

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answers from Chicago on

A high risk doctor is not what your fiance needs right now. if she is in such great pain and is in danger of not carrying to full term, then the emergency room is a more appropriate choice for care.

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answers from Houston on

do you have texas medicaid or la.? if you have la.you might have a hard time finding a doc. having said that most docs are trained for high risk but being one myself when I was pregnant I woud sugggest an older doctor more experienced. my first doc was older than my second who was fresh out of school i like the age thing. but the younger was more thorough. but I still leaned to the age thing with experience. when I went into labor the aged more experienced was on call and it felt so good being able to ask him questions as opposed to the younger one. he didnt brush me off like the younger. I thought the babywas going to be to big to deliver vaginally. he checked me and said that I would be fine and gave me logical reasons for his decisions. the younger doc just told me I was wrong. but the older doc said you may be right but this is what I am seeing. but my ultrasound doc was in disagreement with the ob and he the older doc was used to settle my fears. older docs seem to listen more than younger docs.



answers from Phoenix on

Her OB should be able to recommend a high risk doctor that takes your insurance.


answers from Tampa on

What is her condition? What kind of pain meds is she usually on and for what areas?



answers from Dallas on

call medicaid and ask for a list of doctors around your area, it's time consuming but it helps. Also, some hospitals can refer you to a dr., when you call tell them what you are looking for and they can tell you if they have a dr. in their system.

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