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Updated on March 29, 2010
L.B. asks from Groveland, MA
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My 22 yr old daughter was just diagnosed with high risk HPV. She recently got engaged and is also recently sexually active. I have Googled the subject but still have a few questions:

1. Can it show up that quickly? She says (and I believe) that she was a virgin until just a few months ago.
2. What are the ramifications for her fiance? She certainly got it from him, should he seek medical treatment as well? I'm not clear on how this affects men.
3. She is very concerned about the procedure -- colposcopy. How painful will it be? How lengthy is the procedure? How will she feel afterward?
4. What happens after the colposcopy?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much, everyone, for your caring and informative responses. You were all very comforting. I was especially pleased to hear stories of conceiving and giving birth after this diagnosis. It had occurred to me that it may be an issue, but didn't think to ask about it in my original post. You read my mind! :D

I'd like to be clear that I was not, in any way, judging my son-in-law to be. He is older than her and, I'm assuming, more experienced. I just couldn't find anything on the internet about it relative to men. I thought maybe they could pass it back and forth.

I assumed they would discuss options with her after the procedure, but I couldn't find anywhere on the internet that would address this and her PCP was advocating "one step at a time." Which I fully understand. I just wanted to be a little bit educated on the subject in case it does come back positive.

Her procedure isn't scheduled for a couple more weeks. I'll be sure and pass along all the great advice! Thanks so much, ladies. You were all very helpful. I'll updated after the procedure and let you know how it turns out.

Virtual hugs to all!

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answers from New London on

Yes, it can show up that quickly. It is a virus. I diagnose pap smears and know quite a bit about HPV. Did she have an atypical pap smear along with the high risk molecular test result? He should also go to his doctor and be tested (although if she has it and was a virgin until him, then he has it) and he can be treated. Unfortunatley men show no signs or symptoms that they have it and very rarely will cancer develop for men. As for the procedure, i've never had one done so i do not know if it is painful or not. After the colposcopy she'll probably be followed by pap smears every 6 months for about 2 years. but that varies on what her doctor will do. she definately needs medical attention and keep having a pap smear done b/c avoiding it and ignoring it could/will be awful. HPV caused cervical cancer. As long as she keeps up with her pap smears, she should be fine however. Good Luck.

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answers from Chicago on

I had mild Displaysia. I had a colposcopy and it took a few days for me to get back to work and move. After they confirmed that there was something there to take out I had a Leep done. That took a little longer to heal from. But my son is now 19 months old. So it did not prevent me from conceiving and having a child. The Colpcospy was like a honey comb looking instrument that takes more cells than the normal pap. While you bleed more after it, it was not too terrible.

I am not sure about your other questions. Good luck. and know that this is caught early can be much better than later.

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answers from Boston on

I had a colposcopy after an abnormal pap from a UTI with possible high risk HPV. It is a relatively quick procedure where they either scrape tissue or burn the tissue to collect samples to test/remove. I suggest taking something to relax her before the procedure like a zanax and maybe advil-motrin. The more tense you are the more tense the muscles are. It is similar to getting a pap..just a longer procedure that should take 10-20 minutes, nothing she should be worried about. There is usually a doctor and a nurse, and probably a monitor/tv where they can actually see inside her.

As for the HPV, this is something that some girls as they get older can be more at "high risk" for and it may have nothing at all to do with her fiance so I wouldn't be so quick to judge, rather talk with her doctor if this is of concern, but I doubt it. After the procedure she will have to have a pap probably every six months to make sure everything is normal. This is a very common procedure and not as complex or serious as you are probably reading about on the web. She will feel crampy after with some spotting and if they scrape the tissue she will have some almost "paper" like substance coming out after, but again..she will be just fine:)

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answers from Portland on

The biopsy itself isn't too bad. From what I remember, it just felt like a temporary pinch.

I came in contact with hpv 20 years ago. After an abnormal pap, I discovered my boyfriend at the time had slept with someone else 2 months previous. So to answer your first question, yes it can show up that quickly.

After the biopsy, they will want to remove the legion, regardless of whether it is cancerous or not. My first removal was cryosurgery, which is similar to bad menstrual cramps. The hpv came back again within a year, but had traveled outside to sensitive areas, requiring day surgery.

Seven years ago I went through a major diet change and body cleanse. The hpv came back in a mutated form (dysplasia rather than warts) and required surgery again. I have yearly paps but have never had an abnormal one since that first time. As long as your daughter is in good health and has a healthy immune system, this should just be a small bump in the road and not be a problem in the future. Yearly paps are especially important now though.

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answers from Dallas on

Women only get hpv from men. There is no testing for men or treatment. As for the colposcopy it is painless procedure that checks her cells for cancer. HPV is able to cause cancer or genital warts. There is not "pill" for it, so she will want to talk to her doctor about her colposcopy results. I'm not sure if it goes away on it's own, but a friend had hpv and after her pregnancy she tested negative for hpv during her next pap... Hope this helps.

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answers from Hartford on

I can't answer all the questions, but I can answer a few. 2) Yes, he should seek medical attention! I'm not sure what they will say for him, but after reading about everything he should go to a doctor and see what they say. 3) Tell her not to be nervous about the colposcopy, I had it done also at age 25 I think. Tell her to take motrin or advil before hand and make sure someone goes with her to drive her home. It depends on the person as to how painful it is. It felt like I had my period, but a friend of mine had bad cramps afterward. I don't think that actual procedure is painful, it's afterward that's uncomfortable. The procedure, I believe, was under an hour. I think I was in and out in about an hour. 4) After the colposcopy, it depends on your results! I had to go to the gynocologist every 6 months until I had three normal paps because my result was precancerous cells that she removed when she did the procedure. Last year at 27 I started going every year again.
I hope this helps, if I remember anything else, I will let you know!

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answers from Boston on

Just to give my two cents, I also had a colposcopy at that age. I found it very uncomfortable (but its a fairly short procedure) and painful afterwards. I had bleeding and bad cramping. I also get bad cramps with my period so it may just be me. They were gone after a day or two. If she is prone to cramps I would highly recommend taking ibuprofen before she goes. And don't stress, its very common unfortunately. As long as its closely monitored and treated she will be fine.

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