High Risk Doctors in or near Morris County

Updated on May 20, 2009
L.S. asks from Lebanon, NJ
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Hi, I would like to know if anyone can recommend a good high risk ob/gyn in Morris County. This is my fourth pregnancy and all my previous pregnancies have ended in miscarriage, the first at 8 weeks, second at 16 weeks, and third at 7 weeks again. I need to find someone who know how to deal with recurrent miscarriage. The two doctors I have previously used were not very helpful.


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I highly recommend Dr. Joseph Wallis at Town Square Obstetrics in Dover. Loved him as my gynocologist, and saw him take my good friend through her sixth high risk pregnancy, appendicitis at 7 months, and then a C-section.



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I know of one in Essex County, not Morris. They are in St. Barnabas Hospital. It is the Division of Maternal-Fetal medicine - ###-###-####. I saw all 5 docs. I wish you well. FYI - I didn't deliver at St. Barbabas.



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I delivered all 3 of my children at St. Clare's in Denville. With my first I was high-risk. Her office is actually in the hospital and her staff are great.
Dr. Barbara A. Girz
Perinatology - Maternal and Fetal Medicine

My OB/GYN is Arsenio Manlangit
115 US Highway 46 # D27
Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046

I had great experiences with both! GOod Luck!



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call the hospital that you are comfortable with and get to their labor and delivery dept.
thays should be able to help you.

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