Need an Ob Gyn Specialist in High Risk Pregnancy

Updated on June 30, 2010
M.N. asks from Brooklyn, NY
7 answers

I have had several miscarriages all of them i lost before 3 months. My problem is keeping the pregnancy, i have done countless numbers of blood work and everything came back okay including genetic testing, DNa, hormone imbalances etc. I need a doctor who specializes in high risk pregnancy.

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answers from Phoenix on

Ask your OB to refer you to a specialist. I have high risk pregnancies because of a platelet incompatibility. My last OB wanted to treat me himself but I was persistent about seeing a specialist and they finally gave me a referral. I had seen a specialist for my others so I was surprised that they wouldn't give me one at first. Be persistent. Good luck to you and congratulations. I'm praying for you!



answers from New York on

Dr Daniel Roshan Madison ave and 36th street. he is an expert and delivers at NYU. He is extremely thorough. google to see website. ###-###-####
Good luck don't give up



answers from Indianapolis on

I would call a Children's hospital and ask if they have a list of specialists........or just hop on the internet and look some up in your area.

Ask friends and anyone you know that might be a nurse.

I think if you do a little research online, you might be able to find what you are looking you feel you can't ask your family doctor for one?

Good Luck and hang in there.



answers from San Antonio on

I had the exact same problem (5 miscarriages)...turns out I had a growth/polyp in my uterus interfering with the baby getting enough blood to grow past 12/13 weeks.
It was diagnosed with a dye test done by my RE...I have a great reproductive endocrinologist and high risk pregnancy ob here in Texas. My progesterone was also what my RE called regular ob said it was fine...but my RE put me on supplemental progesterone and 81mg aspirin just encase there was any clotting factor as well.

We now have 2 beautiful wonderful children. I wanted to let you know there is hope!!

There has to be a good doctor in NY. Keep us posted!



answers from Jacksonville on

The best way to find someone is to ask others, but in your case, you may want to ask your current OB/GYN for help in making a referral. Many women suffer a number of miscarriages and then are able to carry a healthy baby to term without a specialist. If the doctor you are going to does not already specialize in high risk care, getting a referral from him/her will help you in your search.

I'm struggling with my own issues and it took me quite a bit of time to finally take the referral my doctor was trying to give me. I finally did and now I'm on the path I need to be to fix my issues. :) Sometimes referrals are really the best way to go.



answers from New London on

I had other pregnancy complications and I saw a specialist at Yale - they were good. You might be fairly close to them?



answers from New York on

I used Dr. Kofinas. My children are 9 and 3. There are two offices - one is located in Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn and the other is 4855 Hylan Blvd, SI ###-###-####. The practice consists of two brothers - one helps get you pregnant and the other helps you stay pregnant! The website is

They have been ranked one of the best doctors in The New York Best Doctor issue for at least 16 years in a row.

Good Luck!

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