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Finding Baby Shoes That Stay On

My baby is 10 months old. Normally she doesn't wear shoes that much, and I know it is best for them to be barefoot as much as possible (indoors) for proper foot growth and development. But now that it is getting colder, wearing just socks outside is not going to cut it, and besides wearing just socks on hard floors is dangerous and slippery. Plus she will be walking soon and she will need shoes then definately! Every single pair of the many pairs of shoes I've tried to put on her don't work. As soon as I get them on she kicks them off...

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Your Favorite or Most Useful Baby Gift

I have several friends and relatives who are due in the next few months and am looking for some meaningful and/or really helpful baby gifts. It seems like everyone gave me clothes when my girls were born and although they were useful, they weren't very meaningful. And after all, a well-dressed baby still has problems sleeping, eating or whatever! I have hand-knitted gifts in the past but just don't have the time now. Also, any suggestions for an item that you found invaluable that you were so thankful to have?