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Formula Feeding My Baby, HELP!

We are expecting our first baby very soon, and I am in need of help in figuring out the whole formula/bottle thing. I had breast surgery five years ago, and won't be able to breastfeed. Any help on what I need, won't need, and/or tricks of the trade. Also any type of formula that work well for you. Its all a bit overwhelming so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Must Have Baby Products

I am a first time Mom going through books and lists of must have baby items. Any advice of what you really should have and what you don't need so urgently for the first couple months? The baby is due in January.


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Infant with Reflux

I have a almost 5 month old baby boy with reflux. He was born 13 weeks early. The doctor has him on previcid and it has not seemed to work. We have him on the Similic Advance formula. He does ok the first half of his feed, then the rest of his feed he will fight eating. Sometimes after he burps it gets better. He spits up after almost every feed. He is gaining weight. I was wondering if anyone else has had these problems and what worked for you. I am thinking of calling the doctor and putting him on a different formula. He also will cry...


Infant Tummy Problem

Hi, my granddaughter is 3 months old and is basically fussy. We changed her...


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Playtex Double Electric Breast Pump

I am a first time mom shopping for a breast pump. I am using the platex drop in system bottles and am intersted in using the playtex pump that goes with that system. I have read mixed reviews about this pump. Half of the mothers love it and the other half hate it. Any opinions or suggestions about this pump?

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Bottle-Fed 6 Month Old

My 6.5 month old has been bottle fed since 2 weeks old. We use the Avent bottles. We've tried to switch to the "3" nipple flow since he was 3 months, without success. It worked for awhile at around 5 months, but then he got a cold and had trouble breathing and eating and would either fight off the bottle, cough or cry so we switched back to the "2". Not only is it taking forever to feed him but he gets frustrated with eating and cries to push the bottle away. Then when we try again, he'll fight it off over and over until it works for...

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Sippy Cup Suggestions?

My son is almost 14 months, and I have been trying to transition him to either a straw cup or a sippy cup. He does great drinking cold water out of a sippy cup, a few sips here and there, but I can not get him to take milk out of a sippy cup or straw cup. Any suggestions? Additionally, he will not drink cold milk. I have to warm it up to room temperature, and I would like to stop that as well. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.


Sippy Cups Advice

I need sippy cup advice!! My son will be 11 months old tomorrow. We have...

Sleeping Habits

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Infant Not Sleeping and Not Taking Bottle

Hi all, I have a new infant 6 weeks old who I have been trying to wean off the breast. I go back to work in a week and a half and he will be going to a sitters. He absolutely hates the bottle. He screams and screams when I try to give it to him. I thought that it was just me as he had taken bottles from others before however now he is fussing for everyone. My pediatrician said when I started to wean to start with day feedings so I am still nursing in the evening, night, and morning. Now he is not sleeping at night either. He will go...

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1 Year Old Milestones

My son isn't walking yet, he just turned 1. He dosn't like the sippy cup either, but I can get him to drink from a straw a little bit. Is all this normal? Can we be doing something wrong?


BPA In Baby Bottles

I have been reading a lot lately about BPA in baby bottles. I am starting...