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Help with Diaper Rash

I have some questions about diaper rash. I'm a first time mother with twins, and it seems like we're always getting diaper rash. Am I just supposed to expect it constantly or are there ways to avoid it? I feel like as soon as we get it cleared up, it's back the next day. Is there a preventitive cream I'm supposed to use at all changes? And once I put cream on it how soon should I see improvements before I call the doctor about it? I use desitin and sometimes burts bees, but do you recommend other types? thanks!

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What Diaper Rash Cream Do You Prefer

I've used Desitin white as well as the clear...actually use both...the white for healing and the clear for prevention...what do you mom's like the best...getting ready to buy more since I;m almost out and wanted to see if there was something better...A+D? Boudreaux Butt Paste?

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Diaper Changing Question from a Newbie

I have never changed a diaper in my life and I am weeks away from our first baby. I have a couple questions. Can I use baby wipes from the start? I read online that you should use a warm washcloth for the first couple months because of sensitvity etc. That sounds crazy. Can't I just use sensitive skin wipes? Second, do I use baby powder and/or desitine type cream with every change? How do I know when to just change it vs. using a cream or powder? Any helpful tips would be great! Thanks in advance for your help, S.


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Rash on 6 Month Old's Bottom

Our six month old has a rash on her bottom. We noticed a small couple of spots so started putting on A&D Ointment and change her every couple hours, whether really wet or not...(more frequently if needed...) and everyday the rash has gotten worse. We haven't really changed her diet, but she is fighting a cold and teething. We did (on recommendation of her ped)give her some plain yogurt about 5 days before the rash appeared. Since then, I have only given her cereal, formula and baby food that she is used to. Do you think she could be...


Bad Diaper Rash

My daughter has had a pretty bad case of an ear infection. Well the...

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Mommy and Baby Products

I just had a quick question. I have several family members who are going to be having babies here really soon. I have my ideas of what to get them but I am requesting others ideas. So my questions are if you were given a mommy and bay basket at he hospital what products or things would you just want to have in it? Also what item or product could you absolutely not live without with a newborn? What item or product that you did not want at all? Thanks a head of time for the input I appreciate it. Aloha M.


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Diaper Rash Remedies

Does anyone have any good diaper rash remedies? I've tried the over the counter creams, letting her be without a diaper, longer bath time. It doesn't seem to be clearing up. It's also not getting too bad, but she's maintaining a rash. With my son I used his eczema cream & it cleared it up immediately. However, now that eczema cream has the warning "may cause cancer" we've stopped using it. Also on that note, does anyone have a home remedy for exzema. Thanks


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Bleeding Sores on Baby's Bottom

I have a 10 month old daughter (I never had this problem with my son, who is now 3). She had a diaper rash that turned into these sores. They are not blisters (so i'm thinking there is no yeast/fungul infection). But they were bleeding, one has to be the size of a dime, maybe a little smaller. I usually used pinx sav and swore by it with my son, but it doesn't seem to work with her. I've been using desitine and aveeno baby rash cream, but nothing seems to be clearing it up. It's been about a week, they aren't bleeding anymore, but they are...


Mentally Ill Father

To make a very long story short, the father of my 5 month old daughter has a...


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"Diaper Rash Cream Is Supposed to Hurt."

"Diaper rash cream is supposed to hurt." Those are the exact words from my dad.. . . Is this true???? I don't believe it, but my dad is adamant about it. My son is the point of needing to get a prescription for his diaper rash. I currently using Boudreaux's Butt Paste and it's not working. I have tried all the "natural" ways including baking soda bath, let it air out, Vaseline, chamomile tea in bath. I also have tried a little of the Up and Up diaper rash cream which is the one that is hurting my son. The second it touches his skin all...


Severe Diaper Rash

My 16 month old was sick. We went to the dr and was given a medication to...