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Most Useful New Infant Item You had...please share...especially Preemie Parents

So my SIL gave birth VERY early last 30.5 weeks gestation. My niece weighed in at 2 lbs, 1 oz. She has done vent the whole time, no emergencies and while she has not gained any weight yet, she is maintaining her birth weight at this point. She looks wonderful...even a full head of hair! I thought fat and hair grew last?? She is a tiny little spectacular miracle! She will be needing some selections of preemie clothes, and other such things. But I am wondering what were the most useful things you had for Preemies...


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Exersaucer Vs. Jumperoo

Hi, my daughter is 4 months old and her doctor said she's ready for the exersaucer. The only problem is I am torn between the jumperoo and an exersaucer. My daughter seems to get bored easily and I'm afraid jumping won't be enough to entertain her. However,I love the idea of her getting some exercise. We could get both, but they take up so much floor space. Any recommendations? Thanks so much!


Baby in Crib

They leave the baby in the crib from the time he falls asleep at 7:00 PM to...

Preventative Care

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4 Month Old with a Flat Head

I have a four month old who has a bit of a flat head in the back. Her doctor said I should take her to a specialist to see if she should be fitted for a scull cap/helmet. Has anyone else had this done to there child due to a flat head? And does it work? How long did your child have to ware it?

Sleeping Habits

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Cooking with Baby

I'm looking for suggestions for cooking while caring for an infant. I have a HotSling that my daughter is in a lot of the day. I like the closeness of the sling but am not a rabid attachment parenting follower... I am okay with putting her down. I have done some cooking while she's in the sling, but I'm afraid the grease is going to splatter on her and I have a hard time reaching around her to cut things up. But when I try to put her down while she's awake, she cries until I pick her up. She's only 12 weeks, so I don't know what could...


Advice? Baby List

What were some things that you jay couldn't live without when you had a baby...

Stages & Milestones

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6 Month Old Milestones

My daughter will be 6 months old next week..She has only rolled over a few times in the past month and a half. She has rolled from back to belly and belly to back, but only a few times each. She also doesn't hold her head up very well. I sit her in her bebe pod (it's like a bumbo seat) to help her get better head control and she also sits in her exersaucer a lot, but with both of those things she still needs a lot of blankets around her. I know I shouldn't compare her to my older son, but I remember he was rolling both ways at 4 months and...