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What to Buy

Hi. I'm expecting my second baby in a few months. I still have all the basics from my first, but I want to get a few things I wish I had gotten the first time, as well as a few things that are new or I didn't know about before. Any advise on the best brand and or what to buy and not to buy? -sling or wrap -hooter hider -bumpo chair -video monitor -a really comfy nursing chair -bottle warmer -wipes warmer -pack'n play or bassinet with changing table attachment (I used a bassinet before, but got rid of it since it was a hand-me...

Childhood Illnesses

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How Can I Teach My Baby to Play on Her Own???

My daughter is six months old and recently started crying whenever my husband or I put her down. Is she too young to just let her cry? And if we do let her cry how long should we let her before we give in to her? We live in an apartment so I want to figure this out without driving our neighbors crazy but I need to get some housework done and there is no distracting her once she decides she wants to be picked up! Any help would be appreciated!

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Best All Around Sling

I'm looking for advice on the best sling for a newborn on up. I used the standard Baby Bjorn with my daughter, which she loved. However, my back didn't love it. I thought about the new Baby Bjorn Air Carrier, however, I would also like to have something that cradles the newborn (sling) but can be converted to a sitting up carrier later. So far the one I see that offers a sling type deal (and can easily breastfeed discreetly) that converts to a carrier like the Bjorn is the Ergo Baby Carrier. Has anyone tried it? Any other recommendations? I...