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Car Seats After Infant Carseat

Hi, Our 10 mo (soon to be 11 mo) old son is growing out of his infant car seat and we're looking for a next one. However, I'm a bit confused. After the infant car seat, do we move on to a "convertible" car seat? Why are these car seats named "convertible"? Do they serve two functions? Or does it mean it can serve as an infant car seat and a toddler car seat, and if we used a separate infant car seat, we'll be wasting money on one function that we will not use? If that's the case, is there another kind of car seats that starts at where...


Britax Car Seats

Can anyone give their advice/experience regarding the Britax carseats? I am...

Sleeping Habits

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Britax for Newborn?

Has anyone used a Britax carseat for a newborn? I am expecting a baby boy in about 4 weeks and I'd love some advice. I already have the Britax Marathon for my daughter who is 22 months old. But she used her Graco Snug Ride until she was 6 or 7 months old. I know the Britax can accomodate an infant 5 pounds and up. I've never heard or seen an infant/newborn in a big carseat. I know I'll eventually get another Britax for my son. Any thoughts?