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What is the comparison between Diaper Genie and Diaper Champ?

I currently have a Diaper Genie, however, I really hate that I have to stick my hand in and push the diaper underneath the "teeth" to be able to close it. Plus, it doesn't keep the smell out at all. I am thinking about selling it and getting a Diaper Champ, but I really don't know anything about Diaper Champs. Are they better/ worse than Diaper Genies? So far, the only thing I THINK I know about it, is that you don't have to stick your hand in dirty diapers and push them down. Please let me know if you like/ dislike Diaper Champs, how...


Smelly Diaper Pail

We have a Diaper Champ and a 20-month-old. Even if we empty the pail every...

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Advice Needed on Eliminating Diaper Smell!!

Hi Moms! Now that my baby is getting bigger and eating more baby food we are having a problem with diaper odor smell! We use a diaper Genie. I have an Air Wisp in his room and I use the Glade things, but I feel like my whole house smells like diapers. (It seems to be worse when we have the windows opened instead of the AC on!) I am open for any suggestions you have--is there a good product out there I don't know about or a natural remedy? Any advice is appreciated!

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Stinky Diaper Champ

I love my Diaper Champ. My only complaint is that I can't seem to control the odor. I do my best to change the bags VERY often, spray Lysol/Oust, use those yellow disks in the bottom, etc. Does anyone have a new remedy that might help control the odor?? Thanks.