Ear Ache: Child

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Ear Infection or Toothache?

I confused, can I being having a ear infection and its making my lower left teeth hurt OR am I having a toothache and it causing my left ear to hurt? Its been hard to sleep on left side because of the pain in my left ear and left side of face, chewing on left side also is hurting, Can this also cause neck pain? Am 9 wks and unsure what to take Tylenol or can i take Ibuprofen? any advice would be great. thanks S.

Ear Drops & Bulbs

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5 Year Old Failed Eye Test!!

My 5 year old came home with a note in kindergarten saying he failed the eye test that the school gave. I know many of the test can be either way. I know last Monday he came home from school and his “left eye” was a little swollen. Tuesday it was red and swollen. Called his doctor, spoke with the nurse which said it sounded like a allergy contact to give him benadryl and wait a day and see what it does. Wednesday it cleared up and was back to normal so he went back to school. Thursday it was red and swollen again. Took him to a...


Ear Drops Burning.

My son is 6 years old. Has had 2 sets of tubes. Just a few months ago they...


Drops for Ears

Does anyone use any drops for their child's ears,to prevent swimmers ear???