1 Yr Old Quit Crawling/walking After Double Ear Infection

Updated on January 03, 2012
C.B. asks from Keller, TX
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I'm asking this for a friend....her one year old boy quit crawling after having an ear infection about a week ago. Before the infection, he was always on the go-crawling and even trying to take a few steps. Now, nothing...all he does is cry. She is taking him to the doctor tomorrow, but I was hoping to find some answers for her today. Thanks!

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answers from Portland on

If the infection reached his inner ear, his sense of balance could be out of whack, and he may not be able to stay vertical.

This can be extremely distressing – I had to be hospitalized for a whole day once to get extreme balance and nausea issues under control. I couldn't even open my eyes because the room was whirling so fast. Then it took half a year to get back to normal, with the world no longer spinning unexpectedly out from underneath me.

I'm glad your friend is taking her son to the doctor. He may really need it. If not inner ear/balance issues, then possibly some secondary infection that is also troubling.

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answers from Charlotte on

Perhaps he isn't crawling because he is still in pain and doesn't feel like doing anything because of it. Also, could he be teething at the same time? Teething can make babies miserable.

Perhaps a different antibiotic is in order. Also, tell her to have the doctor check him for strep. Not every antibiotic will cover strep.

Hope he gets better really soon!

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answers from Chicago on

The infection could have extended into an abscess in his throat...can happen after an ear infection and/or strep at his age. This just happened to my daughter in October after she had a single ear infection and strep at the same time. Lymph nodes get overworked. If that happens, the child is in quite a bit of pain and won't move around or do much at all. If it were me, I wouldn't wait for a dr. visit tomorrow; I'd have him checked tonight at immediate care because of his lethargy. An abscess can be really dangerous.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Poor little guy :(

Possibly his balance is off, he may be experiencing pain or have fluid in his ear(s.) A friend of mine (in her late 50's) experienced fluid retention in her ears after a horrendous ear infection earlier this year, she got nauseous every time she stood up or walked and had to use 3 different antibiotics before one worked.

Make sure to tell your friend to mention the not walking and crawling to his doctor tomorrow.

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answers from Seattle on

Yup, equilibrium is off and he knows he may fall if he tries. Chiropractic care helps with existing and preventing ear infections..worked for us and many others I've known!

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answers from Dallas on

This happened to a friend of mine and it was a vaccine reaction.



answers from Dallas on

My son did that once. We got home one evening and I set him in the livingroom floor to go out and unload my vehicle and he didn't move...just sat and cried. Come to find out, from the infection, he had a 'cold in his hip'. Apparently the infection can settle in the hip area....Straight from his pediatricians mouth. I was told to alternate motrin and tylenol and it did clear up. I would suggest trying that to see if it helps.

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