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Updated on January 31, 2009
C.J. asks from Macomb, MI
7 answers

I just bought an ear infection detector from CVS for $59.00. It seems nice, but I am not sure if it works properly yet. I need to test it on an ear with an infection. I am always worried about the kids and ear infections, and most of the doctors appointments are just to check their ears. Has anyone used it before? Thanks!

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answers from Detroit on

Hi C.,

I just asked that question of my pediatrician because we came in for that reason. My son did not have an ear infection. He said that unless you are highly trained to look for them you could easily get it wrong. Better to be safe and go to the pediatrician than try to look yourself. I hope that helps.




answers from Detroit on

Hi there
I can't tell you how many times I thought about buying this, but I just have a feeling it's not worth the money. Even if there is no infection your child could still have fluid in their ears which can be just as bad. I think the $50 dollard price tag on the detector is just too much money for something can not give you a guranteed answer. If you get it let me know how it works. My daughter actually had tubes put in a few weeks ago (she can still get ear infections though).



answers from Jackson on

That sounds so amazing that they've invented an infection detector. I'm just curious, how does it tell the difference between an infection and an inflammation? How does it stay sanitary to not pass on germs to the next ear? They've come up with so many cool gadgets since my son was little.

I have a cool trick for inflammed infected ears I'd be glad to share if you'd like.




answers from Kalamazoo on

Hi, C.. I have not used an OTC ear infection detector because my children are grown and they didn't have them when they were little. My son suffered from constant ear infections and I asked the Doctor once if I could see what one looked liked (Otitus Media)and it was unmistakeable. The ear lining or skin tissue was bright red and sometimes fluid was present.I hope that helps. The next time you take your child to the Doctor ask him/her to see it with their viewing instrument. Denise K.



answers from Detroit on

Corrine ~
Seriously..they make a detector? wow, they come up with everything!
I could always tell when my son had an ear infection...he ran a temperature, was more cuddly, and if I touched just behind the lower part of the ear (you'll feel the bone, just under that) he would cry if it was an infection.
I would take it back, sounds like a waste of money.



answers from Detroit on

From what I understand you have to have a really bad infection for those to work properly. Probably not worth the money, since the infaction will probably let itself be known before it is bad enough for the device to detect it.



answers from Detroit on

I had the same one and used it...it didn't work (daughter had a double ear infection, it didn't detect either one). I returned it and have resorted to taking the kids back to the dr when I think there is a problem... :(

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