Ear Infection or Just Ear Aches?

Updated on March 30, 2013
J.P. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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DD is 6 and had a ear infection in Feb which required 2 rounds of antibiotics to clear.Then Monday she complain of ear ache,took her to the pedi and no ear infection. Yesterday she complaint of it again so I gave her Motrin and put a drop of peroxide( which she said it itch) Her pedi is close and I'm going to have to take her to the ER cause we have a busy weekend and I want to make sure its not an infection. So what could this be if is not an infection?

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So What Happened?

I took her in and no ear infection,so im going to try benadryl for her allergies and see if that helps. Someone told me it might be sinus pressure and allergy season started here.Thanks ladies. By the way this is the 3 ear infection she has had in her 6 year of life, the pedi told me that doesnt qualify her for tubes.

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answers from Grand Forks on

My son has had fluid trapped behind the ear drum. I think the doctor needs to do a tempanogram to detect that. For that the doctor has prescribed that he chew gum to work the fluid out. Both boys have had swimmers ear, which is the outer ear, not the inner ear, although the doctor should have seen it if that is what is was. For that we use antibiotic ear drops. It could also be molars growing in.

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answers from Cleveland on

I haven't done it but i would like to try a chiropractor for stuff like this. that might be an option for you for the future.

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answers from Norfolk on

NEVER take a decongestant for an ear ache.
It only makes the fluid/mucus thick and sticky and harder to clear.
If you give her anything besides Motrin/Tylenol/Advil, give her an expectorant (Mucinex or Robitussin) and keep her well hydrated.
This will thin the fluid/mucus, will make it easier to clear and that will help relieve the pressure.
Peroxide just bubbles as it reacts with any earwax in her ear.
A heating pad on low or a heat pack on her ear might help relieve some pain.
You might try rinsing her nose out with warm saline (use a neti pot).
That often helps to get my ears clicking and can relieve some pressure if my ears feel stuffed up.

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answers from Austin on

It could still be fluid trapped behind the eardrum... the Eustachian tube may be plugged and not draining properly....

I wonder if a decongestant would help? (Something like sudafed...)

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answers from Seattle on

Yes, try a chiropractor!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Musinex is for the lungs....it's an expectorant, that means it makes the lung goo thinner so it can be coughed up. It has NOTHING to do with the sinuses or ears.

Sudafed is for the sinuses and ear areas, it will help with the lungs a bit but not a lot.

Getting an ear infection has many areas. The innermost parts of the ears can have an infection in them and it won't show by making the ear drum look different. IT CAN be deep in the canal and not all the way out to the drum

Please consider going to an ENT that would probably recommend putting tubes in. When the doc went in to look around and put tubes in my grandson's ears he found debris from ear infections that the antibiotics never touched. The debris had made my grandson deaf. Once he got the debris out my grandson can hear.



answers from Columbia on

Does she have a fever? Trouble swallowing? Typically those are the two biggest *indicators* of an infection.

Her ear might just feel "different" because her ear was infected for SO long, it might still be draining fluid so it *feels* like an ear ache.


answers from San Antonio on

Don't use Sudafed, use Mucinex! It'll help thin out the mucus and allow her to get it out easier.

Give her some tylenol/motrin to help with pain.

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