Anyone Ever Had a "Inner" Ear Infection?

Updated on November 03, 2010
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
5 answers

Hi Moms,

My doctors are trying to narrow down what's wrong with me.. THANKFULLY so far all major things have been ruled out... I am getting sent an another ENT to do testing for an inner ear infection.. What symptoms did you have when you had an "inner" ear infection? Were you sick "prior" to having an inner ear infection? What did you take to get over the infection? What tests did they do to diagnose it as a "inner" ear infection? How long were you sick with it?
Thanks moms!

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answers from Tampa on

Check SOT on the internet, and find an SOT craniopath Chiropractor, and get checked by the correct physican.
best, k


answers from Austin on

Our daughter had an inner ear infection the week she was supposed to return to college in this August.

She did not feel good for a few days, then her ear began to hurt.. She tried just taking tylenol, but it continued to get worse.. she then got a low grade fever and the pain became so bad she could not sleep one night We even placed a heating pad on that side of her face..

She was freaking out because she had to fly up and just knew her eardrum was going to burst.

Took her to the doc.. He looked in there and said it is EXTREMELY rare for an adult to have an inner ear infection.. gave her drops and antibiotics.. 2 days later, she felt worse.. took her back and they had to give her a shot and warned her , there was a chance her eardrum would burst.

They gave her pain meds and stronger antibiotics..
She was so ill.. Thank goodness my husband was flying up with her (already planned) so he was able to help her in the airports and on the plane.. It took her about a week to feel better and to be able to focus again.. Poor thing. She was so pale in the photos. I knew she was in great pain.



answers from Sarasota on

Right after i had my daughter i got a high fever and a inner & outer infection . It hurt real bad !!! i was put on atibotic's and it cleared up but by hearing is bad.



answers from Sarasota on

I'm an audiologist and familiar with inner ear infections. Sherry is on the money with her description. Dizziness, distorted hearing, a 'cotton-y' feeling in the ear. Usually it is only on one side. A lot of times a person is not sick before hand, but sometimes there is something else going on, like a sinius infection or autoimmune disorder where you are more prone to infections anyway. You do need to see an ENT ASAP to get the proper antibiotics, the quicker it's treated, the better the results will be. Sometimes, it takes weeks for all the symptoms to resolve thenselves. Please, do not see a chiropractor for this, it needs to be treated by an ear specialist.


answers from New York on

It's a very specific pain really deep in the ear, almost by the back of your mouth. You'd probably have some cold-like symptoms first, but they could be really minor. I had chronic inner ear infections as a kid, and when I got older I could always tell I was going to get one based on that pain. Doctors would send me away and I'd have to go back three days later with a bad infection, ha.

Not sure about rarity in adults; I had a couple inner ear infections in college, one in my early twenties, and none in the past ten years or so (I really haven't been sick much at all though). I did have a middle/outer ear infection a couple years ago, that was so different I had no idea I was even sick until it was extremely bad.

I will say though, that it shouldn't take an ENT specialist to diagnose; a doctor or nurse practitioner can just look in there and see it all inflamed. Unless they're trying to rule out other causes of inflammation?

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