Ear Ache: Preschooler

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4 Year-old Ear Infection

Hi - My 4 year-old has a cold. He had 103 temp and dry cough yesterday, and just a low-grade fever today along with typical cold symptoms. He's been his usual self otherwise. Same energy level, appetite, and healthy bathroom breaks :) He awoke at midnight tonight of ear pain. He's never complained of ear pain nor had he ever had an ear infection, that we're aware of. It's 1:45am and he's still complaining of ear pain. We just gave him some Motrin. Our dr's office is closed on wknds. Any experiences with ear infections of this sort? ...

Ear Drops & Bulbs

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Problems at Preschool with 4 Year Old.

We are having behavior issues with our 4 year old boy at preschool. He goes to a private Christian Preschool where he has gone for over a year. When the school year started last fall there was about 13 children in his class since then they now have 19 children in his class. My husband gets a call almost every day that our son has either hit, kicked, spit, thrown a chair and is being defiant during school. This seems to happen when they are moving from one project to another (clean up to lunch etc..) He has been put in time out, taken to the...