Could This Be an Ear Infection??

Updated on February 05, 2010
Y.P. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Dear Mommies
My 2 year old girl has had cold with runny nose on and off for a week, but no fever whatsoever and had acted playful/normal. But after that period, she seemed relapsed with runny nose again but this time with low grade fever of 101ish for three days now. Fever goes away with Motrin and otherwise she is acting her normal self and no ear pulling or anything like that. But could this (having fever following a week runny nose) still be an ear infection warranting Dr.'s visit or could it be that she is just getting another different type of cold virus??

Thank you VERY much in advance!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Ear infections left untreated can affect hearing. I am almost deaf in one ear due to ear infections that went untreated in a child. In extreme cases ear infections can lead to meningitis and encephalitis. Time to hit the peds office. Better safe then sorry. Hope it goes well!

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answers from Norfolk on

Ear infections can be sneaky. If the fever has been hanging around for 3 days, I'd go to the Dr to get her ears checked out. Even if it turned out her ears are fine, I'd feel better for knowing it for certain.



answers from New York on

my daughter is going through the same thing. she had a runny nose for a week, then a cough for 3 weeks, then fine for a week, then runny nose again. after 3 doctor checkups turns out she developed an ear infection. so go get her checked



answers from Chicago on

Sounds like a strong possibility. I would get it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry.


answers from Dallas on

To me this sounds more like a possible sinus infection, although an ear infection is possible. Is she coughing a lot? Could even be respiratory if she is. If her nose has been running for more than 10 days or what is coming out of her nose is greenish, then I tend to think sinus.......but it tends to be greenish first thing when they wake in the morning so that doesn't really count. At any rate when a child goes several days, and then gets a fever it probably means a secondary infection of some kind, and since tomorrow is friday......I'd probably make a trip to the pediatrician.



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Always best to daughter had tubes twice. Sometimes ran a fever..sometimes not. Problem with little ones is that they have an opening between their sinuses and their ear canal...eventually we all grow out of it. But, when they get stuffy noses you really need to keep an eye on them cause the mucous can back up into the ear canal and can cause infections. (not a dr. but how it was explained to me by my dr.) daughter was so used to ear infections that they didn't bother her crying..ear pulling..etc. I never knew till I took her to her Ped. Be very careful.



answers from Portland on

An ongoing fever is worth checking out with your ped., but even if it is an ear infection, the trend now is to let it run its course, unless it's causing the child severe distress. The purpose is two-fold; holding back on drugs helps reduce the likelihood of fostering drug-resistant bacteria, and it also gives the child's immune system a chance to kick the infection and grow stronger.

But if the fever goes on, or she gets sicker, or begins acting like she's hurting, do get her checked.



answers from Denver on

I agree with others that it's time for a visit to the doc. Anytime an illness seems to gets worse or is followed by a fever, there's reason to suspect a bacterial infection

I hope she feels better soon!

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