Ear Infection or Something Else??

Updated on December 07, 2016
M.C. asks from Bonita, CA
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Around 1 a.m. Our 4 yr old toddler wakes up and starts whining, kicking, complaining. Thought it was her usual tantrum & I tried to ignore it due to fact that I read we should ignore it otherwise child will act out more if she realizes we pay attention to her acting out. Husband took her out of room and tried to get to bottom of her tirade. Comes back in and says she's complaining her left ear hurts. I asked if she had fever. None. I asked if she had any pus, discharge in ear, etc. None. Told him to give her Tylenol. She went to sleep hours later. 😣 So she's awake now but she mentioned she is dizzy. No crazy tirade like last night or acting out. No pain. Just dizzy. What do I do??

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So What Happened?

We went to Children's Hospital a week or less before. They said it was just a viral infection. That it will go away. She has had a coughing fit every single night. They keep telling us its nothing. Her pediatrician is already annoyed because she doesn't know how else to help. She's tired of me calling at all hours. So uh yeah, There is something seriously wrong with a mother who ignores her daughter's tirade every night now. If this has been going on for over a month and a half now and it's every night. I'm also very exhausted because I do have a newborn sucking at my breast at all hours of the night so it's hard to get any rest. To answer another's question, sorry, I did not have a mother who could be at my side when I was sick any longer cause she died from being ill when I was 5. Okay, I DO apologize to those who MUST correct me. She isn't a Toddler. My bad. 🙄 I stand corrected.
Taking her back to Children's Hospital and see if they can look into her ears and CHECK TO MAKE SURE ITS NOT JUST A VIRAL INFECTION THATS BEEN GOING AROUND LIKE THEY SAID LAST TIME WE WERE THERE.

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answers from Washington DC on

at 4 she's probably no longer toddling.
pain and dizziness would indicate to ME that something was wrong with my little girl, and i myself would take her to a doctor.

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answers from Seattle on

What parent ignores an upset child who is in pain? Especially when the child is up in the middle of the night and doesn't go back to sleep for hours. Call the doctor. Poor chid is sick. This not a behavior issue. Get it checked out. Don't ignore it. Your child is trying to tell you something---that she doesn't feel well.

That was no tantrum or crazy tirade, that was a child in pain.

BTW, a 4 year old is not a toddler.

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answers from Houston on

OMG call the doctor.

I can't believe that you wouldn't think something is wrong when your child is screaming in the middle of the night. that's not a tantrum, that's a sick kid. Good grief.

Both my kids had ear problems. My daughter NEVER ran a fever. Call now.

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answers from Portland on

If it were me, I'd take her in.

My kids had many ear infections. Two of them needed tubes.

They didn't always have fevers. They didn't always even fuss. They didn't always even say their ear hurt. They certainly didn't always have pus or discharge. We only ever saw discharge once, and that was the first ear infection after the tube was in. Then it drained properly.

My son had a perforated ear drum and he didn't know how to tell us. We took him in to emergency in the middle of the night.

If she has fluid in her ear, it can cause her balance to be off.

I wouldn't delay.

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answers from Springfield on

If it's the middle of the night, it's not a tantrum.

Call the doctor. Talk to the nurse. The nurse will help advise you as to what to do next.

Please don't ever ignore your child in the middle of the night.

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answers from Seattle on

You call the doctor.

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answers from Washington DC on


I'm confused. I would NEVER ignore my child. I might re-direct them. You might want to ASK what the problem is BEFORE you ignore your child. Your child needs to know you are listening and paying attention.

Kicking is unacceptable and I would simply state that to her. You may NOT kick me. You can tell me what is going on and we can work it out. However, if you choose to kick me? You will not be listened to.

Ear infections don't always come with a fever. Why don't you call her pediatrician and see if you can get a same-day appointment? That's what I would do. Not all ear infections have a discharge - usually if there's discharge? The ear drum has perforated. You don't want that to happen. TAKE HER TO THE DOCTOR!!!!

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answers from Portland on

Geez! Call the doctor!

Does she frequently wake up in the middle of the night to throw a tantrum? If she does, some thing is wrong.

If not, my first thought would be she's sick. At 4, she can tell you what's wrong. I would sit next to her on the bed and be sympathetic. When she didn't go back to sleep, I'd hold her aND and show sympathy.

Is your daughter still learning how to walk. Toddlers toddle. Four year old children are steady on their feet. I'f your daughter has difficulty walking, you need to find out why.

Did your mother respond with kindness when you were sick? Perhaps you would be able to nurture your daughter I'd you read some books about what a child needs and how to nurture.

BTW When a child acts out, she's letting you know there is something that needs attention. Yes, ignore temper tantrums when they happen. Also look for a pattern in what causes those tantrums. It takes a combination of ignoring her when she's unreasonable and finding our what she needs that causes the tantrums. I would never ignore a child who wakes in the night crying, whining and kicking. I suggest her behaviour escalated because you weren't paying attention to her physical pain.

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answers from Springfield on

around 9 am i would of been on the phone with the drs office. make the child an appt.

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answers from Boston on

After your SWH, you should have elaborated on the fact that you already brought her in to see the dr before this recent incident.. that would have been helpful.

Go to another pediatrician and ask them for help. Colds will be between 7-10 days. If they don't get better by then, or new symptoms start like an ear infection they will need antibiotics.

Original answer: She is four. Call the nurse and see if she needs to be seen by her Pediatrician.

Not all ear infections are accompanied by a fever, but they can be very painful for children. The poor thing.

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answers from Norfolk on

Taking her to a doctor is what I'd be doing.
A 4 yr old is a pre-schooler, not a toddler.
Toddler is more age 1 (when they start walking) to about 3 yrs old.
Tantrumming in the night is not something we've ever experienced with our son.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Go to the doctor. When someone has an ear infection, it's on the inside of the eardrum so you would not see any pus or discharge. If you do see anything, it's because the infection has gotten so bad that it's caused the eardrum to burst, which is a very bad thing. So get to the doctor NOW to make sure she doesn't get to that point.

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answers from Atlanta on

She's four years old! She's NOT a toddler. She is a CHILD!

No child should be ignored in the middle of the night. That's just wrong in my book.

If there is a discharge from the ear? I would guess the ear drum perforated and your daughter is in a heap of pain.

I can tell you that with 4 boys? Mine have had some hellacious ear infections without a fever or puss or any kind of discharge. They would say their ear hurt and I'd use my otoscope to look in their ears and see redness, I would take them into the dispensary on base. Doctor's would be amazed at how infected it was.

Your daughter needs to be seen by a doctor.

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answers from Washington DC on

Thank’s for your question Mirabel.

Just as a reminder per Mamapedia Guidelines:

Medical questions may be asked, However, please know that the first and best source for the answers to all such questions will alway be an appropriate certified professional. Please always consult such a professional in these matters first and foremost. Simply put, Mamapedia does not offer medical advice to our members, and any medical advice you receive on the site is taken at your own risk.


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answers from Oklahoma City on

Take her to the doc to find out if it's an ear infection? or something else that's causing her vertigo?

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